Oh, the Thursday TNA replay, so convenient for the people like me that won’t give up RAW for this.  Glad the TNA management realized this.

Sting had an Undertaker moment with the lights going out.  I’m okay with that.  Flair’s promo was…as expected.  Except when Beer Money started talking behing him he looked beyond confused and/or like a blind person trying to figure out who was talking, but in a comedy (I’m picturing Blinkin in Robin Hood Men in Tights, but much less amusing).

I see Jesse Neal is back again.  I mean, he didn’t officially leave but is very on-and-off with 3D.  Good to see Scott Hall’s wearing pants and a t-shirt again.  Man, I’m mean right now, haha.  Oh well.  That 6-man street fight was a mess, but there’s really no other way it would really go.  X-pac didn’t look so good.  Neither did Nash’s hair (I just can’t help myself tonight).

Now they’re calling Doug Williams Douglas Williams?  Okay then, not sure what difference that makes but it seems like they’re kind of making a point of it (did I maybe miss something about that last week?  I think maybe I did.).  The Kazarian/Shannon Moore match was good, I enjoyed it.

Amazing Red looks SO tiny next to Matt Morgan!  That’s funny.  Red’s fun to watch though.  I also really enjoyed Morgan dragging him across the ring to get the tag hahaha.  It was a pretty good match, a few misses but nothing grave.   Except all the teammate interference and the obvious 3-count they said wasn’t.

Jeff Hardy’s promos since he’s been back haven’t been awesome.  I liked him before but you can hardly understand him now.  He’s too strange, and not in a fun way.  His wrestling hasn’t seemed quite as sharp, either, honestly.  His moves don’t seem as fluid and he’s hit a couple swantons that were not so pretty.
Apparently the spot was “too graphic” for TV, but Storm took a swig of somethin’ and spit fire in Jeff’s face.  I read that they’d practiced the spot; I’m sure they had to have.  But still.  Jeff was burned from it, badly enough to blister and peel on his face.  That’s not cool.  I know mistakes happen and all but TNA could have maybe come up with something less terrifying for untrained people.  Well, here it is.  They said it was too graphic, but you really can’t see any burning or anything.  It does look painful, though, and it was real.


“My prayers are with Abyss.  And Pope’s prayers go a long way, believe me.” That amused me, as well.

There is a LOT of backstage stuff going on.  People are dropping like flies and it’s changing a lot of matches.  It’s okay (they’re showing their meanness and dominance well), but kind of getting old.  And I think I liked Flair better in the wheelchair.  He didn’t try to beat people up that way.