Post will be delayed again due to the Sox game.  If there’s extra innings again I’ll be mad! haha.  They’re in the 4th at least and it’s not quite time that SmackDown! would start…

Okay, here we go!

Why would Matt Hardy run in the ring to check on McIntyre?  That seems dumb.  The rest of it was good though.

I like what they’re doing with Ziggler right now.  They’re keeping him a heel but giving him legitimate means of dominating matches without cheating, which is sometimes rare.

I’m really glad to see Mickie James back!  That match was actually pretty vicious looking.

I’d like to see this Punk/Gallows/Young vs. Hart Dynasty/Mysterio match become a mixed tag match.  I’m sure I’ve said that before.  But this match could be a jumping off point for that since there wasn’t quite a reason for it before (not that there needs to be a storyline reason).  Who knows.  Of course if they send Hart Dynasty to RAW…anyway.  Moving on!  Ha, Serena has a shirt from The Alley.  I’ve been there!  The match was actually a little busy with the Dynasty, SES, and then also Rey Mysterio plus the girls at ringside, and then having Miz on commentary.  Jeez.  One of the things that bothers me about Mysterio, though; he does those twisty-around things where he allegedly sends the opponent flying, but it always looks like his opponent gets a counter in and that the move should actually hurt Mysterio instead.  DH Smith’s running powerslam is pretty great, though.

JTG looked good in his match, and it’s nice to get a little (very little) bit different from just Shad beating the crap on him.

The Triple Threat was alright.  Most of the spots were good and it worked well (whereas some Triple Threats are just too messy and don’t go well).  Though in my mind there was no way Swagger wouldn’t win, so it seemed kind of pointless and rambling.  But overall not bad.

I guess I really didn’t have much to say tonight!  A decent episode of SmackDown! though, I’m satisfied.