Very nicely done, WWE!  With the RAW wrestlers literally stuck, unable to catch a plane to the US, WWE had decided to have SmackDown invade.

I like it.  Not much else they really could do, but so far they’re seeming to handle it well.

Okay, here goes!  Should be an interesting night for sure!

I can hear them now…”HHH, take as LONG as you can out there, man!” haha.  I think some people in the crowd might have thought he was joking at one point when he said they were stuck, only to realize that the RAW guys really are not there.  And then CM Punk interrupts! Happy birthday to me!  Oh, Trips and his PG.  “As long as he’s got a ride home, he can drink all the beer he wants!”  Um, super awesome to see Lilian Garcia again!  I’m sure she was there due to travel as well, but that’s neat.  Anyway, it was kind of obvious to me that they were just trying to take as long as they could, but it really wasn’t bad.  Sometimes that can get painful but I think with H’s little jokes and stuff they managed to draw it out without making it boring.

Not a bad idea to have King read Kozlov’s statement.  Better English, and makes Kozlov look more like a bad guy; kind of like an old-school manager, but different (what am I talking about).  Oh, that main event is neat though, I like it.  Also, blowing up R-Truth was pretty funny!

Hahaha.  Pointing to Kane as peeing in his pants made me laugh.  I like Kane.  This is going well so far.

The video promos (Cena and Orton so far) seem to be working.  Probably a little tough for them to pull off in an empty room, but that too is working.

They FINALLY got Swagger a legitimately engraved name plate on his belt.  It’s sticking out a little weird, but it has a normal font and font size on it.  Ha.  Getting ‘Taker out there’ll show Swagger to issue open challenges.  Maybe I’m crazy, but it kind of seemed like Undertaker was really having a good time with that match.  He seemed to be moving around really well, too.  I wonder if he was planning on coming back this early or if he was going to take more time off, but they called him up tonight.  I actually really enjoyed that match.  I was surprised that they let Swagger seem to dominate so much, but it was good.  It’s really, really good for Swagger, too.  He didn’t get squashed by the Undertaker.  This is EXACTLY what WWE needed to do to make the title reign more legitimate.  I’m very happy with this.  Good work, WWE!  That is a big frickin’ guy for ‘Taker to tombstone!!!  It totally worked though.  I would have been a little bit annoyed if Swagger won, actually.  But hearing Lilian announce ‘Taker’s win was even better! haha

Jericho is hilarious.  I wouldn’t mind them turning him face again if he got to make jokes and sing silly songs all the time!  The Khaluber thing actually amused me, as well.  I don’t know if it’s just because I’m in a really good mood or if it’s just really good, haha.

I thought the 6-man tag match was a lot of fun to watch.  The pedigree HHH hit Punk with was one of the best I’ve seen him do in a long time.  I think the 619 is a dumb, dumb move, but that’s another matter.  It was a good match.  Exploiting Edge’s injury is getting a touch old for me, but they’re handling it well enough.  Like I said, I liked the mix of guys in that match and they did a great job, especially with such short notice.

Really, props to the SmackDown crew for stepping up like this.  And good job to the entire WWE production crew, writers, etc.  This is a great example of what can sometimes happen in wrestling, and it seemed like everyone handled it very professionally and pulled it off well.

TNA post will hopefully come Thursday, unless something comes up.  The next couple weeks are super busy for me.