I’m going to be switching back and forth with the NFL draft…I doubt I’ll miss much, but the chance is there.  (St. Louis will regret it when Sam Bradford fails because he’s hurt.  What?  Who said that?  I hope JR doesn’t see this!)

Hm, I wonder how many of these matches were changed due to the RAW travel issues.  Also, if they split up any more tag teams in the draft, there will be none left, so they better not.

Oh wow, they changed Shad’s look quick.  He looks big and mean and, well, like a wrestler, haha.  I like it, it’s easier to see him as a legitimate competitor.  I noticed that the design on his trunks is the same as the tattoo on his chest.  It’s some kind of face I think.   Good match.  I sort of don’t care a whole lot about the strap match with Shad and JTG at Extreme Rules, but that’s not because they haven’t built it up well.

Yoshi Tatsu continues to be really fun to watch.  He and Zack Ryder had a good, solid, fun match.

I guess I’ve seen Carlito wrestle recently and maybe just haven’t paid enough attention, but he looked good.  And Tarver continues to screw up, so I can hope he’s gone haha.