Wow.  The replays from Lockdown…looked good, I guess.  But can Flair PLEASE stop bleeding all over everything now?  Goodness.  Unnecessary and gross, and I’m not the squeamish type.

I’m still not loving AJ Styles’s character.  I really think associating him with Flair and changing everything could have angered some long-time TNA fans because he’s been there since forever and all.  Ah well.  I just thought he was better in his previous state.  Hulk looks pretty gimpy, actually.  Uh, the opening promo was like, Triple H trying to eat up time long.  But I was less entertained, and there were four guys in the ring, haha.

So far so good I guess.  I just…Flair upsets me.  I like Rob Terry a lot though.  Their booking when they turned him face really worked on me I guess haha.

I liked the little backstage segment with Hogan and Bischoff, actually.  It was an easy way to kind of tell us what wass going on without hiding it in a “peeking behind a closed door” kind of skit.

RVD vs. Jeff Hardy soundss like it should be a really good match.  It started out a little slow, and I guess seeing Jeff trying to do the amateur wresting style is a little odd to me.  I thought RVD had a good match, but I do’nt know, for some reason I just wasn’t really impressed by Jeff’s wrestling.  He didn’t have a bad match, just not really super.  Maybe I’m remembering him to be better than he was or something, maybe his style isn’t the same as it was or perhaps fits better with some of the WWE stuff he did.  I don’t know, and I don’t know whatI’m talking about anymore.  RVD hit a pretty moonsault though, and Jeff’s swanton looked good.  I think Jeff sold everything really well.

I feel like having a rematch of this massive tag match, that was previous in a cage, the night after the PPV kind of loses the effect.  Although having Samoa Joe come back is awesome, I’m glad to see him again.

The title match was a good one for sure, and I like that they gave the belt to RVD.  The end seemed a bit odd with everyone coming out; it seemed more like a retirement party.  There was a whole lot of confetti, too.  But anyway, TNA was not a disaster at all, but I can’t say it kept my attention easily.