So, just announced that they fired SIX wrestlers.

Katie Lea Burchill (not surprising), Shelton Benjamin, Slam Master J/Jesse, Kung Fu Naki, Jimmy Wang Yang and…wait for it…Mickie James.

What the hell, WWE?  From what I understood, Fu Naki and Jimmy Wang Yang were there mostly to help the young guys out.  I guess Jesse or whatever his name is isn’t too shocking.  Shelton surprises me.  I know he hasn’t been getting a push lately or anything, but he’s been around forever and he’s a solid worker.  I’d me more surprised if he didn’t show up in TNA in 90 days than if he did.

But Mickie James?  That shocks me more than Maria did.  Fine, just get rid of the Divas that can wrestle and give the belts to other ones, okay.  Good plan there, guys.  Mickie was one of the most popular Divas.  Also, she had a tag match with Beth Phoenix at the SmackDown tapings this week.

I read a thing where Maria said part of the reason she was let go was something about WWE wanting more control over her new album.  I’m wondering if it’s the same deal with Mickie, they had negotiations and couldn’t decide on something.  That’s still odd to me, and I’m actually upset about this one.