Okay, the ONE day I check the TV listings instead of the channel…it said the Cubs game was on this channel, but noooo SmackDown was on.  So I missed the first half hour.  Though apparently it was basically just Swagger and then his match with Morrison.

The end of the Hardy/R-Truth vs. McIntrye/Ziggler match made me angry.  The headstomp thing was fine, whatever.  But having McIntyre attack Hardy with the medical team on him was just too far.

Edge’s promo was really good.  I really liked Jericho throwing Wade Barrett to the dogs, too.  That was perfect, and was a good way to build even MORE heat before the match without Edge and Jericho just spearing each other again.

Having the JTG vs. Shad match being a strap match seems a little random.  It’s almost like they ran out of gimmicks that made enough sense so they had to use that one.  Maybe it’s just me, though.  Could be good anyway I guess.

Mickie’s last match was rather uneventful for her.  McCool looked like a clown, I don’t know what was goin’ on there.  The “Extreme Makeover” match is pretty annoying…and it better not mean an immediate loss by Beth Phoenix.  They reeeeally should give her the belt.  It’s like, playing out high school girl stereotypes, and it’s annoying.

The tag match was pretty good.  About what I expected, nothing mindblowing.  I still really hope Punk doesn’t get his head shaved on Sunday.  Hm, doesn’t really feel like there’s a PPV on Sunday…maybe I’m still sort of in WrestleMania mode a bit.