Okay, Miz’s promo got to the point of lying.  “Did Stu ever teach you how to compete against technical masters” blah blah.  Uh, duh?  I mean, I know he’s trying to get the point across that he’s the technical master he’s referring to, but come on.  They are building him up a lot though; people will pay to see him get his ass kicked, and that is the bottom line.
Bret’s promo was amazing.  Man, DH Smith pulled that suplex off real well.  Almost it at the beginning but then he even let go.  But I am SO excited that Hart Dynasty has the belts.  AND won by a Sharpshooter, perfect!

Hm, I almost wonder if they put the white ropes on RAW because TNA has red ropes.

I honestly wasn’t paying attention to half of the Divas match.  Eve scares me a little bit, but Michelle McCool actually helped her look better.  I guess they had to send Kelly Kelly to SmackDown since they got rid of Mickie (loud cheers for her, by the way.  Lots of angry people, especially since they’re in her home town!).

Wonder if this is a Big Show face turn in the works?  Could be fun.

Ooo I like this Orton/Sheamus thing.  I’d much like Orton to beat the shit out of him (I feel like I’ve said this all before!).   John Cena made me laugh a bit.

So, R-Truth to RAW doesn’t seem like it matters much to me.  Morrison is interesting, those two tag now apparently so that makes sense.  Wasn’t expecting Edge to move honestly, but that could be fun.  Maybe but him against DiBiase (against Cena eventually I’d imagine, or if Sheamus wins the belt or something).

Ha, Jericho blaming Heath Slater on his loss to Edge.  I love it, he is so good at being an arrogant whiner.

I really like Kofi going to SmackDown.  Hopefully he will get back in the main event picture, too.  At least take the belt off of McIntyre or something.  I’m not surprised they’re sending Christian to SD.  I think that’s a good decision, especially with Edge leaving (though having the two of them together again would be neat).

HA.  I’m not even a huge R-Truth fan, but I enjoyed him with DiBiase.  That was well done.

Jericho to RAW is interesting.  I can’t decide if that surprises me haha so probably not.  Though I had forgotten about his RAW ban.  But that’s the beautiful thing about the WWE.  If you don’t like a decision, it can be forgotten!

I like Orton’s powerslams a lot.  They look nasty and are just perfect.  Those are big guys to heave around, too.  Thank GOD Sheamus didn’t hit Orton with that stupid Celtic Cross, I hate that thing.  There are rumors floating around that Batista’s going to be done with WWE soon…I wonder if at the next PPV he’ll be all, “If I don’t beat you, Cena, I quit!” or something comparable.

Having Striker there wasn’t a bad idea.  He could explain the SD guys.  I do miss good ol’ JR.

I’ll be interested to see the results of the supplemental draft on wwe.com Wednesday.  I’ll try to post a quick entry about it.  So far though they’ve moved around some people that could make it interesting, for a little while at least.  I think what I’m most excited about (other than new tag champs!) is Kofi and maybe Christian.