Indeed Cody Rhodes has moved to SmackDown!  I like that, I think he can do well there with moving away from Orton and DiBiase.  I think a lot of people don’t like Cody, but I do; he was perhaps overshadowed in Legacy, but I think he’s a great wrestler and can have pretty good promos.

Chavo to SmackDown, as well.  That’s probably good if he can find a niche there.  Maybe work with Vickie some and strengthen the Guerrero.

Khali to RAW.  Not that it matters much since he’s in India chilling for a while.  I think that might be better though since Big Show is on SD now, and Khali is a little more gimmick than wrestler, which kind of works better on RAW.

Tyler Reks’s bio is now on the SmackDown page, which I think is a good place for him.  I hope they put him back on TV, I really do remember liking how he wrestled.  Plus he’s big and muscular which we know they love, so where is he, haha.

Uh, wow.  Natalya to Raw.  I guess that kind of makes sense since they have very few competent Divas, so now Beth Phoenix is on SD so they shipped Natalya over, haha.   But have her kick the crap out of Eve for the belt, that won’t be hard!  It took them a while but they also moved the Hart Dynasty over.  I’m really not surprised, that’s good!

Chris Masters goes to SmackDown.  He’s been kind of MIA lately, as well.  Ha, Fink says, “I exPECt he will do well for himself.”  I guess I don’t really see him as pushing towards the main event for some reason, and he’s another one that can kind of fit anywhere I think.

Ezekiel Jackson to RAW.  I second what I said about Masters, haha.

Goldust to RAW.  That could be fun.  He really does have a unique gimmick but also wrestling skills that could be used in a bunch of places.  Someone in the chat thing where they’re announcing picks suggested Goldust vs. Miz.  I say go for it!

Well, Hornswoggle to SmackDown.  I kind of feel like they do whatever they want with him and where he is doesn’t make a huge difference.  I hope they don’t like stick him with Ziggler for a long time, I’d prefer to see Zigs (what?) in a real feud because I like his style and he has a lot of potential.

They sent Rosa to SmackDown.  I bet she’ll join LayCool or something.  Blech.

And finally, MVP to SmackDown as well which is good because it felt like they needed another bigger name.  Could see a feud with Punk coming from him, as well.

Really what this all comes down to is that they have a LOT of talent.  A lot of the moves they made seem like they could open up good avenues for feuds and just single matches.  It’s up to the WWE Creative team to make it happen!