To be honest, I’ve been doing work while watching TNA so I’ve missed bits and pieces.  Overall the only thing that upset me in the first half was Flair’s promo at the very beginning; I had NO idea what he was trying to say.  The matches were good though.

I hear Tara might be leaving due to pay negotiation issues.  That sucks, I think she’s an asset to the Knockouts Division (especially with Kong gone).

Hey, look,  a falls count anywhere match.  I like those.  Except instead of a tag match it was more Jarrett vs. Sting and Hardy vs. Styles simultaneously.  And, Taz, please stop sounding surprised that Sting has a baseball bat.

They have a ticker thing at the bottom of the screen.  They’re saying Angelina Love injured her right arm and they’re waiting for more details.  That actually happened in a different match; she tore her bicep and…something else, I forget.  Daffney got the worst of it.  She had temporary spinal trauma (stinger) to the point where she couldn’t move her legs, but that fixed itself quickly.  She also has a deeply bruised sternum so I’d imagine she’s out for a while!

There was this random commercial thing with Alex Shelley badmouthing Beer Money, saying Chris Sabin had become a blob because of them.  It was actually really funny, and a PSA in an odd way.

Man, D’Angelo Dinero can cut a promo.

Uh, okay.  TNA, you’ve really done it now.  They show X-Pac after being attacked by Team 3D in the parking lot.  He’s like, crashed through a table and laying on the ground with his head in a pool of blood.  However, it’s like the same amount of blood they use on CSI when someone gets hit with a bat and dies or something.  I just can’t take that seriously; he would obviously be SERIOUSLY injured or dead with that.

I’m kind of sick of Matt Morgan like I’m sick of Sheamus.

Oh, jeez.  Flair’s just sitting in a room talking to the camera, and they have to have captions because you can’t understand a damn word.  Even reading along with him speaking I couldn’t make the words out.  This is getting more painful every week.  I can barely watch this match with him and Abyss.  He put the brass knuckles on backwards.  Hebner looked disgusted when he realized he had flair’s blood all over his hands hahaha.