Yikes, happy last day of April already.  SmackDown’s on late again (just so I can be disappointed by Chicago sports some more).  Come on, I’m sleepy!  Here we go…Hm, this’ll be interesting.  Something’s weird with the picture and audio, its almost like a slow internet connection but through cable…

Aw, I am going to miss Jericho’s opening promos on SmackDown every week.  They do bring a smile to my face.  And finally a little bit of a Kofi promo, too.  I hope they push him now; that was certainly a big win for him!  I think I mentioned on Monday that he should get the IC belt back from McIntyre and make it matter again.  Maybe put him against Dolph Ziggler?  I don’t know, that just occurred to me but I think they could work well together.

Oh I love the cheap heat by mentioning Bush.  I remember going to RAW a little while ago and they showed him on the screen for Tribute to the Troops, people booed so loud.  But Swagger can’t like him, he’s a Texas fan! haha

And, with the fastest face turn ever, we welcome Big Show!

Wow, people care even less about Chavo than I thought.

I’m still okay with Shad’s character, but I feel like the catchphrase is too much too soon, as I’m already sick of it because  “it’s my time” is ALL he says.

I can’t remember if that’s the same song they had for Cody at WrestleMania.  In fact I kind of think it’s different, but I’m sure I’m just not remembering because that wouldn’t make sense.  I can’t be responsible for details like that at ‘Mania, there was too much going on!  Anyway.  It’d actually be kind of interesting if they put Cody in another tag team.  You know, start a tag division or something.  If he keeps hitting those moonsaults he can do okay.  That almost finisher he hit, flinging Morrison onto his back was neat.  I thought it was a good match.

Whoa I saw Edge in the ring and forgot he was a good guy for a second.  Weird flashback.  Oh man,  I was so excited to hear Christian’s music.  Why are they starting this feud now when they can’t really do anything about it!  Uh…well, I guess my flashback was actually a prediction!

Ha, I am enjoying Show punching everyone in the face like this.

YES, love seeing Beth Phoenix with the belt.  Too bad her tag partner is useless.  Seriously, she can wrestle less than Vickie Guerrero can.  [I know, I know, that’s not really why she or most of the Divas are there, but it’s annoying.]

Oh, Chris Masters.

So, Dolph killed Hornswoggle.  Alright.  And Matt Hardy’s basically brain dead.  How’re they gonna fix that one?

Rumors that the mysterious masked man could be Joey Mercury.

Wow, big heat for Swagger.  They are loud.  Apparently those little promos worked!  Swagger’s promo was pretty good.  Show’s was hilarious.  That could get interesting!

So far it seems as though the draft really has shaken things up all around, and I like what they’ve done!