May 2010

An odd start to RAW timing-wise, being in the middle of the whatever.  Edge is fantastic though.

I’m fairly certain R-Truth bashed into Jericho’s head when he jumped out of the ring haha.  I had actually kind of forgotten he won the belt.  Oh well.  I noticed he had less bracelets and stuff on, which is good because they were annoying and seemed dangerous.  I know JR hates Truth’s jewelry haha.  I really didn’t think Truth looked good, though.  He didn’t sell a lot of the stuff well and some of his bigger offensive moves just looked kinda sloppy and not smooth enough.  If he’d been wrestling someone less skilled than Jericho it could have gone badly.

Hm, face Kozlov.  That could actually be kinda fun, something different at the very least.  That tag match (mostly the end) was pretty much a mess though.

I have to admit I was excited when Vince came out.  I’d probably end up crying like a child out of fear if I ever met him, but he is awesome.  Look at him prance around the ring!

Good call bringing Daniel Bryan in the night before the NXT finale.  I like that they put graphics on his trunks and kickpads, it just fits better with the overall WWE everything.  That whole thing ended up pretty much as expected. Throwing Miz into Michael Cole was pretty hilarious though!   They have to keep Bryan.  I really wonder about all the NXT guys, but that’s an upcoming post.

Yay the Usos.  Their promo was mostly good.  And they made me realize there just…aren’t any Samoans wrestling right now (except Joe in TNA) which is kind of odd.  Oh shit, I did not know that was Jimmy Snuka’s daughter!  I feel like that’s a big thing for me to miss.  She took Natalya out though, that’s for sure.  And Rikishi’s sons?  Where the hell have I been?  We’ll just put that behind us and move on.

I’m not sure why I like Zack Ryder, but I do.  He and Alicia didn’t last long.

Sheamus’s promo with Edge was good because he wasn’t just yelling or attacking someone.  This is wonderful, pairing Bourne with Cena.  People have always liked him but this is just a great idea.  This is like almost instant main event ability from here on out haha.  I think he and Edge could have some good matches as well.  I might be biased but it seemed like he fit right in with those guys (even with Cena picking him up like a little kid).  And that Shooting Star Press is just beautiful.  That was awesome.

Ashton Kutcher actually seemed to know what was going on, which is a very good thing.

Also, I don’t know if any of you visit with any sort of regularity, but they made it kind of ugly today.  It seems less organized to me.

As far as themed PPVs go, Fatal 4-Way isn’t a bad idea.  Those matches can go all sorts of different ways.

The letters from Vince are kind of amusing, but the Chosen One thing is annoying because it can’t go anywhere.  The story can’t develop, there’s no sort of possible path.  Kofi seemed to hit the floor pretty hard in the tag match when Swagger pulled him down.  A long match and Kofi got kinda beat up, but not bad.

They did a really good job with this Punk thing.  Except, you know, the mask.  What the hellll haha.  It’s so ugly.  But pretty smart, honestly.  Though the stars on it should really be Chicago stars.  A not unexpectedly solid match though, except the GTS looked a bit off.  Not sure what happened exactly.

I probably said this last week but I like the potential Dolph/Christian feud.  Dolph deserves to be getting title matches and working bigger feuds.

The LayCool promo hurt me in the head.

Gallows and MVP had a pretty good match.  But again with MVP and his not wearing his ring gear.  I really want to know who this masked guy is.

I’m so glad Undertaker’s back.  It looks like he’s moving around pretty well, too.  He was bleeding a looot, wonder if he broke his nose or something.  Either way, I’m glad he’s in the match at the PPV!

I caught the second hour of iMPACT last night.  Overall it was pretty good.  It seemed like Mr. Anderson’s face turn was a little rough with him having to say on camera, “I’ve been soul searching” and stuff but in the end I think it worked out okay.

Having Sting as the crazy destructive one with no purpose is alright, but I feel like Sting can really carry more finessed story lines that would make TNA seem less ridiculous, so maybe more of a focus for him would be beneficial.  The RVD feud could be good.

Jeff Hardy’s wrestling still looks kinda messy to me, but wasn’t terrible last night.

It seemed like Matt Morgan was trying a little too hard with the “we/us” thing in his promo so where I thought it was an interesting angle before he kind of started to annoy me with it.  I know he’s supposed to be superegotistical and stuff but pretending to not know/ignoring who Kurt Angle is and what he’s done is kinda lame.

You know, I didn’t see Ric Flair last night, and that was actually cool.  Styles and Anderson had a pretty good match from what I remember though.

I’ll be interested to see how this Half Pint Brawlers show ends up.  Who knows, it could be better than TNA hahaha.

Got to actually watch NXT last night.  SyFy was randomly added to a friend’s channel lineup (no, really, it just appeared).  We’ll see how long that lasts though!  Anyway.

I was sad to see Slater go, but I expected it.  I feel like Barrett has the best chance of winning at this point.  He is good.  He’s great in the ring, has a good look and size, and can cut a damn good promo.  Otunga has some potential as well, as did really a lot of the guys I think.  It kind of bothers me how Gabriel is always “injured” the same way after matches though.  Fake another sore spot!

The Michael Cole/Daniel Bryan segment dragged on a little too long, but was interesting.  I’m really not sure when/how they’ll end that thing.

I like that Punk didn’t come out with the other Pros and there are no photos of him bald.  Actually I don’t really like it because I want to see, but it’s a great way to get people to watch SmackDown.

I also thought it was….maybe interesting/funny that they just ignored Carlito being gone.  Kind of shows how forgettable he was due to the role he had in the company.  As I said before, I hope he’s okay.  I read on a site where his father said it’s a painkiller problem, but the issue is that he refused rehab so if he’s not getting treated for a problem, bad things could happen…

I’m sick of Seamus attacks.  That did look like a pretty brutal match with Cena and Batista, though.  It seems that “healthier than ever” for Batista isn’t much!  It seems like they need to play up the injuries in this instance.  Full list of (non-officially) reported injuries that I’ve seen so far: Batista (back/tailbone), DiBiase (concussion), Orton (shoulder), Punk (13-15 stitches in head).  Also Edge has a black eye and Cena was bleeding.  Busy night for the trainers for sure.  So is this actually Batista’s last one?  They were saying he’s done soon, I wonder if this is it.  And I’m fairly certain they bleeped him saying “kiss my ass,” too…

Oh man, I do think having Bret Hart as the RAW GM would be awesome.  I hope he stays for a while.  He knows better than to try to actually wrestle (coughFlair) so I think it could work out really well.  Also then they can put together these actual qualifying matches that make sense and bring some of the wrestling-side back to RAW.

Ha, Lovitz said he thinks he’s the “most handsome man in the world” to Maryse.  The Divas match wasn’t too bad.

Why did they put these two in the US Title match?  Miz makes sense I guess since he had it before, so that’s okay.  But R-Truth?  I feel like he has no business holding a title.  I’m not entirely sure why I feel that way, but still.

Reusing the Ozzy talent show gimmick.  Except…it was better with Ozzy.  That guy actually had a glass eye I think….

DUDE.   The tag match (well, the aftermath) was awesome.  A new tag team!!  And a Diva who looks like she can wrestle to pair with Natalya!  I am so excited about this.  I recognized them all from FCW.  Jimmy and Jules Uso, and the Diva is Tamina.  This is great, I hope they keep this up.

The USA commercial with Big Show tasting wine was hilaaarious.

I liked Jericho and Cena together actually.  It looked like Jericho could have actually hurt himself a little bit though, but it seemed like he was okay after.  I like that Edge won though, and I kind of thought he might.  Edge vs. Cena seems like it might be the next feud of choice (if not perhaps Jericho, but I dunno).

Hm, only ran over 3 minutes.  Not much.  Not a bad show, though.  I could have done without Lovitz but what can you do.  They had some things that sure look good in the future, though.

Okay, so it’s a little late.  But lately I find myself not jumping at the chance to watch TNA.

I’m bummed that Tara’s gone.  I think she is an asset to any women’s division.  I highly doubt WWE will pick her back up, though, and I’m not totally sure she’d want to go back.

Introducing the Top 10 took too long, I lost interest haha.  I liked Jeff Hardy’s little jaw drop when Bischoff said he was wrestling Sting.  By the looks of things and the crowd’s reaction, RVD might have been the best thing to happen to TNA in a while.  And dear god Hardy’s Twist of Fate was worse that what I could pretend to do.

Hm, wonder if bringing Roxxi back right now was supposed to happen anyway or if they did it because Tara left.

Angle’s promo about reinventing himself and working his way up is interesting.  Kinda makes sense.

Seriously, what is with TNA ringing the bell incessantly after matches.  The bell ending the match rarely stops the fight, why do you think it’s going to stop a “vicious post-match attack?”  Stop it, it’s annoying.

Please make Flair stop.  It pains me.

I thought WWE objectified women until the whole Chelsea thing went down hah.  Although they’re really just kind of going back to how valets used to work in wrestling.  Could be interesting.

Eric Young and Shannon Moore had a good match, it was fun to watch.  A lot going on out of the ring though which was distracting.

Hm, I saw the end of the match but the DVR cut off right when Anderson was trying to congratulate Hardy.  Anybody know what happened then?

Also, I saw that Scott Hall was arrested the other day.  Drunk and disorderly.  Shocking, right? …

Wow Gallows was orange.  And my friend made a Bill Belichick comparison with Punk hahaha.  Punk is bad at shaving heads, it’s funny.  He must be out of practice with letting his chest hair grow out and all.

Kelly Kelly must be training or something because she didn’t scare me or look useless.  Good work, WWE.  Now fix the rest of the division! hahaha.  I miss Beth Phoenix already.  The Co-Champ idea is so duuuumb.

It seemed like Caylen Croft and JTG had an okay match that people didn’t care about a whole bunch.  JTG seemed a little messy to me actually.

I’m glad to see Curt Hawkins back since he’s technically been on the roster for the entire time he’s been gone, haha.

As soon as Christian said “eye to eye” to Vickie, I knew it was Hornswoggle.  Aaand looks like I was right.  Although Christian teaching him to “speak Canadian” was hilarious.  It’s obvious that Vickie’s been losing weight though so the obesity jokes aren’t going to/maybe shouldn’t fly too much longer.  Though they called Mickie James fat so…

I really liked how Punk tagged himself in for the last time in that match, and then the interception of the 619.  I wonder how long it’ll be until we figure out who that masked person is.  But I’m still wondering why MVP refused to put his clothes on fully during that match.

Finally another Kofi promo, even though it was a tiny one.

Big Show’s promos were hilarious, I quite enjoyed them!

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