I actually liked Batista’s promo at the beginning.  “Can you count to ten?!”  Sheamus didn’t do to bad actually either, I thought it was good.

HA.  Miz’s envelope saying “doctor’s note” really made me laugh.  I enjoyed hearing King laughing too.  Nice to see them give Daniel Bryan a good match.  Sort of.  Still losing though, but to Batista it’s not as bad.  I dunno, I liked it more than I normally like Batista’s matches I guess.

I enjoyed Maryse stealing the belt from Eve.  She deserves it a lot more.

Man, for the right pay, I’ll be DiBiase’s Virgil.  I mean, everybody has a price after all, right?  And I wouldn’t mind helping him slap R-Truth, either….

Lots of NXT tonight.  That’s good, I think they need to keep pushing the guys so more people know about them.  Barrett’s size definitely helps him look like he belongs in the ring with anyone.  Man, I love Jericho screaming at the announcers.

Nikki Bella didn’t look terrible in the ring.  Neither of them have wrestled in a while, I feel like they’ve been training and should maybe wrestle again.  Who knows.  Maryse actually amused me tonight though.

I like that it appeared at least for a short time that Zack Ryder could beat Mark Henry.

I liked the Miz/Jericho promo a LOT.  It seemed very natural and they just…it was good.

Okay, that whole guest host promo was awesome.  “It starts with ‘notwhite.'”

Putting Kozlov and Regal back together is fine I guess.  I didn’t even watch ECW and I was kind of sick of it, though, haha.  But I could see them as a tag team, I really wouldn’t mind that!  Uh, Miz said “SOB” and then Jericho throws “jackass” at Cole.  Oops? [I really can’t say I caught much of the match.]  So, we all know where this is going.  JeriMiz?  MizIcho?  trying to get the tag belts.   Probably the former.  At least their songs might sound cool together.  I actually think this could be good, I kind of like it.  Jericho won’t let Miz get too obnoxious, and they could compliment each other well.

I’m quite glad to see The Cutting Edge back.  They always call Orton the Viper, but I see him more as a velociraptor. Wayne Brady took the RKO well.  I like how he just laid there the whole time too hahaha.  Everything worked out about how I expected it to, but I like where this is going!