Okay, I’m sick of McIntyre beating Hardy up.  I like how they brought out Steamboat and Rotundo (and someone else I couldn’t quite catch) to hold him back though.  I checked around 7:45 and it said the IC title was vacated, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do with Drew.

I’m not totally sure why Savannah’s announcing today.  Maybe Tony needed a day off.

Interesting side note, Serena is the Daily Diva on wwe.com.  Maybe she should actually get in the ring soon!  It looked like Punk has some new writing or tattoos on his fingers (not the “drug free, obviously) but I couldn’t quite tell what it is.  Oh damn.  More head shaving talk.  Not okay!  And I highly doubt we’ll see Rey in the Society….I’m glad Mysterio finally said something about the clean part of the SES is good.  Let the kids hear that one so they don’t think drugs are good, haha.

After seeing that recap of the Divas from Superstars, I’m not upset I missed it.  Really, really sick of the McCool and Layla shit.  But at least they both wrestle better than Kelly Kelly (and Eve, for that matter).

All of they guys they named for the IC tournament are deserving in my book.  I didn’t realize Kofi went to Boston College, that’s neat.  Haven’t seen a Superplex in a while, but Cody hit Christian with a really good one.  He hit one of his pretty moonsaults, too, which I like to see.  I’m glad both Kofi and Christian are in the title match.  I think having two popular guys will make people care about the IC belt more.

I liked Stryker’s attitude towards Big Show, it was funny.  And Show’s great, I like him as a face.  And good for him for saving the MacBook on the table.  But ow, the table didn’t break right away and that probably hurt.  Ha, the belt looks like a toy on Show, too.