Alright, a little late but that’s okay.

So…Orton was talking (he is a beast) and then I had NO idea what that music was.  Apparently I missed the Meatloaf memo.  Haha I think I saw Orton almost crack a smile when ‘Loaf told him to hold the album liner notes, but I could have been seeing things on my old school VHS-quality recording.  Oh yeah.  He took that RKO okay.  Too bad it didn’t happen sooner, though, that was obnoxious (like, first few weeks of bad guest hosts bad).

Oh. My. God.  EXCUSE ME!  This…okay, I admit, I love this.  I had fun with her as GM of SmackDown.  I just hope they don’t ruin her hilarity (i.e. with LayCool shit or whatever).  Hahaha I would really love Orton to RKO her, though.

It was actually a little odd to see DH Smith come out with Natalya and only have the two of them there.  Hm, it seems like it’d be too early to take the belts off of the Hart Dynasty, plus people are really starting to like them and this is good for them.  But that means not much so I don’t really know how that match will end up.

Wow, Batista looked like he just robbed a house and lost his pants in the process when he was talking to Edge.  Great work there…uhh…

Apparently I missed Primo’s heel turn to rejoin Carlito.  Makes sense to me though.  Oh, man.  DiBiase in a suit finally.  Love it.  He needs to do that more now.

I like that they put the Art of Dying song into the NXT commercial.  The theme has been all over the radio lately.

Something tells me there’s a possibility that Batista will say, “I quit” and then actually end up quitting the WWE that night.  Also, human jar of mayonnaise is good.  Certainly a big push for Mark Henry to associate him with Cena.  Wonder how far they’ll take that.

Miz should have chosen Natalya.  I bet she’d kick his ass.  I’m not totally sure what they’re doing with this, I thought Bret wasn’t wrestling and stuff…once again, we’ll see.

HA, they all came out in Morrison glasses.  That was fun.  Of course, they give Bryan one win and it’s to Santino.

Okay, Regal made me laugh a LOT.  The volcano and the UK voting…that was a beautiful moment.

Long day.  Subsequently dozed off during the main event and awoke to Vickie screaming EDGEEEEE.  So that’s that, haha.

Buzz Aldrin is a badass.  That is all.