I’ve been reading this book Drawing Heat the Hard Way by Larry Matysik.  Read it.

What I liked most about this book (which talks about all KINDS of stuff, from the territory days until now) was that Matysik was actually THERE.  He was close friends with Sam Muchnik, he announced for a promotion or two in St. Louis, he worked with TV stations, all kinds of stuff.  He worked for Vince and WWF for a while as well, so he really know’s what he’s talking about; it’s not just hearsay and research.

But so many of these books are trying to expose dirty secrets just for the sake of shock or are written by disgruntled ex-employees trying to trash Vince or the business as a whole.  This is so far from the case in this book.  Matysik lets you know when he’s biased, but he gives the truth of situations and explains everything as fairly as he can.  It’s really a spectacular book, with a chapter called “Vince,” a chapter about what it takes to make it, booking, live events, everything.  I haven’t quite finished it but I can’t imagine not enjoying the ending.  I’m very impressed with this book and I’d love to talk to this man!

It was published in 2009, so some of it is very up to date; the pictures in the book even include one of Punk with the WrestleMania 25 MITB breifcase.