So I haven’t been watching full episodes of NXT, but I’ve been getting recaps and stuff, so I feel I have a decent idea of what’s going on.  I was surprised that they eliminated THREE though.

Glad Tarver’s gone.  I didn’t like him much from the beginning, I’m sure he’s fine but I feel like his boxing gimmick was better suited for…boxing.  Skip Sheffield…eh.  I wasn’t a huge fan, I think his gimmick was a bit over the top with not enough of a defined character.   It didn’t seem like fans were getting into it as much as they wanted.   But what the hell are they doing getting rid of Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson/whoever they want him to be?  Though I really think there’s more to it, and that at least he, if not Sheffield or even Tarver, aren’t actually gone yet.  People like Bryan too much for them to get rid of him right now.