Okay, you know something will happen when the IC finals are the first thing on the card.  Pretty rough match, Christian’s mouth and eyebrow were bleeding.  But that was a good damn match, I really liked it.  Lots of exciting moves and high energy and such.  The whole reinstatement thing is dumb but not unexpected at all.  Maybe Drew and Kofi could have some good matches though.  Striker pocketing the letter was funny for some reason.

That poor Jesse Guyver got squashed as expected but looked less…dead than most other local guys they use.  I definitely did not recognize Shad’s music and first and I was confused, haha.

Oh, WWE and their obvious racial goings-on.

I feel like Swagger should have come out with his belt on.  I know it was on display or whatever but having it on would have shown more arrogance and also shown the “value” of the title.  Hahaha there was a sandwich on the table behind him, too.  There was all kinds of random shit, that was actually pretty funny.  I do wonder how much of this stuff is true.   For all we know he was a great Eagle Scout and stuff.  Ballroom dancing?  Well, who knows.  Hm.  Not a Sooners fan myself, though.  Sorry, JR!  That was a super long promo, but I actually enjoyed watching it.  It made me laugh honestly.  But if nothing else it definitely cemented him as a bad guy that people love to hate.  I really like Big Show as a face, too, he is hilarious.  That was a pretty good punt, too.

Man, I don’t even know how Beth Phoenix was walking.  She tore her ACL and meniscus and sprained her MCL along with random other stuff destroyed in her knee.  Sucks that it happened now that she has the belt and everything.  Ugh.  And then Layla gets the Womens’ Championship.  Duuumb.  I mean, I understand they had to get the belt off of Beth since she’s going to be otu for a while and stuff, but bleh.  Maybe this will lead to a feud between Michelle and Layla and break up their stupid LayCool?  Please?

Having Rey vs. Punk annoys me since it’s a “preview” of the PPV (they do this a lot, and it’s not just this pair that bothers me haha).  But I see they had a reason for it this time.  That move Mr. Hood hit looked a lot like Cody Rhodes’s finisher, unless I’m making that up.  The body type doesn’t seem 100% right for that, though.  I really have no idea who that is.  I was able to pause on a quick shot of his face and they paint black around his eyes and everything.  Interesting.

I love wrestling.