Okay, so, I’ve been having internet issues lately (thanks, Comcast) in addition to an odd schedule, so I’ll do the best I can with this!

Oops, Bret said WWF.

The Pick Your Poison concept is cool.  Um, AMAZING idea bringing Christian in for this.  The match was a little drawn out but that’s to be expected tonight.  Oh man, then bringing ‘Taker in.  Genius.  That was really good work by WWE there.

HA, Buzz giving Vickie the business.

Man they’re really going for it tonight. Virgil, even!  Yoshi Tatsu looked really good in that match.  Had it not been a commercial free night I bet that match would have been shorter, but I’m glad it wasn’t.

Oh come ON.  Natalya can do more damage than just slapping one guy.  They did that well though, not having Bret actually wrestle a lot, because he’s even said he can’t do that.

Dear god.  They gave McCool a matching belt.  Make it stop.  I really hope they give Maryse the belt back on Sunday, though Eve looked much less useless tonight actually.

Orton and Swagger had a good match, I like them together.

Okay, the little commercials they did were hilarious.