Wow Gallows was orange.  And my friend made a Bill Belichick comparison with Punk hahaha.  Punk is bad at shaving heads, it’s funny.  He must be out of practice with letting his chest hair grow out and all.

Kelly Kelly must be training or something because she didn’t scare me or look useless.  Good work, WWE.  Now fix the rest of the division! hahaha.  I miss Beth Phoenix already.  The Co-Champ idea is so duuuumb.

It seemed like Caylen Croft and JTG had an okay match that people didn’t care about a whole bunch.  JTG seemed a little messy to me actually.

I’m glad to see Curt Hawkins back since he’s technically been on the roster for the entire time he’s been gone, haha.

As soon as Christian said “eye to eye” to Vickie, I knew it was Hornswoggle.  Aaand looks like I was right.  Although Christian teaching him to “speak Canadian” was hilarious.  It’s obvious that Vickie’s been losing weight though so the obesity jokes aren’t going to/maybe shouldn’t fly too much longer.  Though they called Mickie James fat so…

I really liked how Punk tagged himself in for the last time in that match, and then the interception of the 619.  I wonder how long it’ll be until we figure out who that masked person is.  But I’m still wondering why MVP refused to put his clothes on fully during that match.

Finally another Kofi promo, even though it was a tiny one.

Big Show’s promos were hilarious, I quite enjoyed them!