I’m sick of Seamus attacks.  That did look like a pretty brutal match with Cena and Batista, though.  It seems that “healthier than ever” for Batista isn’t much!  It seems like they need to play up the injuries in this instance.  Full list of (non-officially) reported injuries that I’ve seen so far: Batista (back/tailbone), DiBiase (concussion), Orton (shoulder), Punk (13-15 stitches in head).  Also Edge has a black eye and Cena was bleeding.  Busy night for the trainers for sure.  So is this actually Batista’s last one?  They were saying he’s done soon, I wonder if this is it.  And I’m fairly certain they bleeped him saying “kiss my ass,” too…

Oh man, I do think having Bret Hart as the RAW GM would be awesome.  I hope he stays for a while.  He knows better than to try to actually wrestle (coughFlair) so I think it could work out really well.  Also then they can put together these actual qualifying matches that make sense and bring some of the wrestling-side back to RAW.

Ha, Lovitz said he thinks he’s the “most handsome man in the world” to Maryse.  The Divas match wasn’t too bad.

Why did they put these two in the US Title match?  Miz makes sense I guess since he had it before, so that’s okay.  But R-Truth?  I feel like he has no business holding a title.  I’m not entirely sure why I feel that way, but still.

Reusing the Ozzy talent show gimmick.  Except…it was better with Ozzy.  That guy actually had a glass eye I think….

DUDE.   The tag match (well, the aftermath) was awesome.  A new tag team!!  And a Diva who looks like she can wrestle to pair with Natalya!  I am so excited about this.  I recognized them all from FCW.  Jimmy and Jules Uso, and the Diva is Tamina.  This is great, I hope they keep this up.

The USA commercial with Big Show tasting wine was hilaaarious.

I liked Jericho and Cena together actually.  It looked like Jericho could have actually hurt himself a little bit though, but it seemed like he was okay after.  I like that Edge won though, and I kind of thought he might.  Edge vs. Cena seems like it might be the next feud of choice (if not perhaps Jericho, but I dunno).

Hm, only ran over 3 minutes.  Not much.  Not a bad show, though.  I could have done without Lovitz but what can you do.  They had some things that sure look good in the future, though.