Okay, so it’s a little late.  But lately I find myself not jumping at the chance to watch TNA.

I’m bummed that Tara’s gone.  I think she is an asset to any women’s division.  I highly doubt WWE will pick her back up, though, and I’m not totally sure she’d want to go back.

Introducing the Top 10 took too long, I lost interest haha.  I liked Jeff Hardy’s little jaw drop when Bischoff said he was wrestling Sting.  By the looks of things and the crowd’s reaction, RVD might have been the best thing to happen to TNA in a while.  And dear god Hardy’s Twist of Fate was worse that what I could pretend to do.

Hm, wonder if bringing Roxxi back right now was supposed to happen anyway or if they did it because Tara left.

Angle’s promo about reinventing himself and working his way up is interesting.  Kinda makes sense.

Seriously, what is with TNA ringing the bell incessantly after matches.  The bell ending the match rarely stops the fight, why do you think it’s going to stop a “vicious post-match attack?”  Stop it, it’s annoying.

Please make Flair stop.  It pains me.

I thought WWE objectified women until the whole Chelsea thing went down hah.  Although they’re really just kind of going back to how valets used to work in wrestling.  Could be interesting.

Eric Young and Shannon Moore had a good match, it was fun to watch.  A lot going on out of the ring though which was distracting.

Hm, I saw the end of the match but the DVR cut off right when Anderson was trying to congratulate Hardy.  Anybody know what happened then?

Also, I saw that Scott Hall was arrested the other day.  Drunk and disorderly.  Shocking, right? …