Got to actually watch NXT last night.  SyFy was randomly added to a friend’s channel lineup (no, really, it just appeared).  We’ll see how long that lasts though!  Anyway.

I was sad to see Slater go, but I expected it.  I feel like Barrett has the best chance of winning at this point.  He is good.  He’s great in the ring, has a good look and size, and can cut a damn good promo.  Otunga has some potential as well, as did really a lot of the guys I think.  It kind of bothers me how Gabriel is always “injured” the same way after matches though.  Fake another sore spot!

The Michael Cole/Daniel Bryan segment dragged on a little too long, but was interesting.  I’m really not sure when/how they’ll end that thing.

I like that Punk didn’t come out with the other Pros and there are no photos of him bald.  Actually I don’t really like it because I want to see, but it’s a great way to get people to watch SmackDown.

I also thought it was….maybe interesting/funny that they just ignored Carlito being gone.  Kind of shows how forgettable he was due to the role he had in the company.  As I said before, I hope he’s okay.  I read on a site where his father said it’s a painkiller problem, but the issue is that he refused rehab so if he’s not getting treated for a problem, bad things could happen…