As far as themed PPVs go, Fatal 4-Way isn’t a bad idea.  Those matches can go all sorts of different ways.

The letters from Vince are kind of amusing, but the Chosen One thing is annoying because it can’t go anywhere.  The story can’t develop, there’s no sort of possible path.  Kofi seemed to hit the floor pretty hard in the tag match when Swagger pulled him down.  A long match and Kofi got kinda beat up, but not bad.

They did a really good job with this Punk thing.  Except, you know, the mask.  What the hellll haha.  It’s so ugly.  But pretty smart, honestly.  Though the stars on it should really be Chicago stars.  A not unexpectedly solid match though, except the GTS looked a bit off.  Not sure what happened exactly.

I probably said this last week but I like the potential Dolph/Christian feud.  Dolph deserves to be getting title matches and working bigger feuds.

The LayCool promo hurt me in the head.

Gallows and MVP had a pretty good match.  But again with MVP and his not wearing his ring gear.  I really want to know who this masked guy is.

I’m so glad Undertaker’s back.  It looks like he’s moving around pretty well, too.  He was bleeding a looot, wonder if he broke his nose or something.  Either way, I’m glad he’s in the match at the PPV!