I caught the second hour of iMPACT last night.  Overall it was pretty good.  It seemed like Mr. Anderson’s face turn was a little rough with him having to say on camera, “I’ve been soul searching” and stuff but in the end I think it worked out okay.

Having Sting as the crazy destructive one with no purpose is alright, but I feel like Sting can really carry more finessed story lines that would make TNA seem less ridiculous, so maybe more of a focus for him would be beneficial.  The RVD feud could be good.

Jeff Hardy’s wrestling still looks kinda messy to me, but wasn’t terrible last night.

It seemed like Matt Morgan was trying a little too hard with the “we/us” thing in his promo so where I thought it was an interesting angle before he kind of started to annoy me with it.  I know he’s supposed to be superegotistical and stuff but pretending to not know/ignoring who Kurt Angle is and what he’s done is kinda lame.

You know, I didn’t see Ric Flair last night, and that was actually cool.  Styles and Anderson had a pretty good match from what I remember though.

I’ll be interested to see how this Half Pint Brawlers show ends up.  Who knows, it could be better than TNA hahaha.