An odd start to RAW timing-wise, being in the middle of the whatever.  Edge is fantastic though.

I’m fairly certain R-Truth bashed into Jericho’s head when he jumped out of the ring haha.  I had actually kind of forgotten he won the belt.  Oh well.  I noticed he had less bracelets and stuff on, which is good because they were annoying and seemed dangerous.  I know JR hates Truth’s jewelry haha.  I really didn’t think Truth looked good, though.  He didn’t sell a lot of the stuff well and some of his bigger offensive moves just looked kinda sloppy and not smooth enough.  If he’d been wrestling someone less skilled than Jericho it could have gone badly.

Hm, face Kozlov.  That could actually be kinda fun, something different at the very least.  That tag match (mostly the end) was pretty much a mess though.

I have to admit I was excited when Vince came out.  I’d probably end up crying like a child out of fear if I ever met him, but he is awesome.  Look at him prance around the ring!

Good call bringing Daniel Bryan in the night before the NXT finale.  I like that they put graphics on his trunks and kickpads, it just fits better with the overall WWE everything.  That whole thing ended up pretty much as expected. Throwing Miz into Michael Cole was pretty hilarious though!   They have to keep Bryan.  I really wonder about all the NXT guys, but that’s an upcoming post.

Yay the Usos.  Their promo was mostly good.  And they made me realize there just…aren’t any Samoans wrestling right now (except Joe in TNA) which is kind of odd.  Oh shit, I did not know that was Jimmy Snuka’s daughter!  I feel like that’s a big thing for me to miss.  She took Natalya out though, that’s for sure.  And Rikishi’s sons?  Where the hell have I been?  We’ll just put that behind us and move on.

I’m not sure why I like Zack Ryder, but I do.  He and Alicia didn’t last long.

Sheamus’s promo with Edge was good because he wasn’t just yelling or attacking someone.  This is wonderful, pairing Bourne with Cena.  People have always liked him but this is just a great idea.  This is like almost instant main event ability from here on out haha.  I think he and Edge could have some good matches as well.  I might be biased but it seemed like he fit right in with those guys (even with Cena picking him up like a little kid).  And that Shooting Star Press is just beautiful.  That was awesome.

Ashton Kutcher actually seemed to know what was going on, which is a very good thing.

Also, I don’t know if any of you visit with any sort of regularity, but they made it kind of ugly today.  It seems less organized to me.