June 2010

I have returned!

I did watch the 2 SmackDowns, 1 RAW, and 1 NXT I’d missed this past weekend so I know what’s going on (yes, I was a blob on the couch to say the least).  I’m sad Bret Hart’s gone, I was really enjoying that.  I’m annoyed that Mysterio won the WHC, but the rest of the PPV results didn’t upset me.  I’m not looking forward to the Money in the Bank PPV because I think it makes the match seem a lot less awesome, less important, and less impressive overall.

So, the anonymous GM is actually kind of cool.  The way they’re doing it is a little bit annoying at times, but whatever.  It’s perfect having Cole do it, though, since people love to hate him.

I’ve kind of enjoyed Sheamus the past couple weeks for some reason.  Maybe because they’re actually giving him a personality haha.  Cena was funny in the opening promo tonight.

OH.  Natalya FINALLY wrestled last week thank goodness.  Both she and Tamina looked awesome, I was mostly pleased with the match (which I can’t remember well now but feel like it was short?).  I was looking forward to the mixed match tonight but I think it’s smart they didn’t have it yet.  A lot of build up and not a lot of rematches, it’s a good way to book wrestling in my opinion.

I actually like this Kozlov, he’s not boring and is actually kind of funny.

The hell is going on with Khali and Singh?  Random.  Please don’t try to make Khali relevant, I prefer to not watch him much.

Oh man.  I didn’t remember that Rob Zombie was hosting.  I LOVE him, he is such a badass.  It seemed like he knew the product well and he had a lot of energy.  I’ve seen a ton of concerts but haven’t managed to see Zombie at all unfortunately.  Edge’s hair seems really short though and it makes him look less mean and more “pretty boy” or something.  That montage they played with JR announcing made me miss him.  And then I got a little angry when I saw Edge with Lita but I’m not going to go into that!

Weird that Lucky Cannon didn’t go to the ring with Mark Henry.  He just like, stepped onto the ramp and then went back inside.  Okay then.  But you know what?  I found that match interesting to watch.  They both got some good moves i and it was short but not too short and just worked out well.

A dude had a “Mike Chioda Fan Club” sign!  That’s great.  I’d be a member.

That Ricky Steamboat DVD could be a really good one.  If I ever catch it I’ll post a review.  I know these guys are there all the time but I always love when they bring the “legends” out.  It’s just fun to see them [even if they’re getting their asses kicked] because they’re awesome.

“The Nexus” is a good name for the NXT guys, I think that was a good choice.  Um…I still like them and the idea of that whole thing, but I think it’s pushing it to be TOO much.  Having them methodically go at the legends instead of just outnumbering them grossly was kind of a nice change, however slight.

The Divas match was…wait for it…good!  I can’t even complain about Eve.  I’m glad Alicia Fox has the Divas belt right now, she has been wrestling really well lately and even I tend to forget her, which I think is sad.

Okay, WWE.  I am getting very annoyed with you showing me 2 replays of the thing that literally JUST happened with no editing or anything.  Showing a SHORT clip maybe, fine.  But they’ve been replaying the NXT beatdowns in their entirety multiple times in one show now, and it’s getting old.  Especially now that we’ve seen it several times; we know what their carnage looks like.  Gentle reminders are fine, but toooo much!

Okay, I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts lately.  I had a busy weekend and week, and I’m getting ready to go out of town in just a few hours.  I’ll be gone until next Saturday, but when I get back my work schedule will be in full swing and wrestling-watching could be delayed.  It will be done, though!

I did watch RAW last night, and I actually really liked it.  Most of the matches were good and overall I was entertained.

NXT was pretty decent as well.  Kaval looks really good to me (he had a good match with Alex Riley), but we really haven’t seen enough of the other guys to gauge I don’t think. Should be an interesting season, but they need to make sure they don’t have random attacks/brawls every week because that’ll get old!

I actually almost forgot RAW started early today, oops.

New Hart Dynasty shirts look neat.  At first I was angry that they weren’t wrestling the Usos but it’s too early for that really.  I would have liked to see Croft and Baretta in there though.  Or really anybody except Khali and Hornswoggle.  Though it wasn’t too painful.

I like it when they have King do stuff.  He is entertaining and not awful.

Damn, Kozlov’s got moves.  Or something along those lines, haha.

Diva Battle Royals annoy me because they don’t have to go over the top rope, the rule is any rope. Boo.

Man I’m sick of R-Truth and his stupid song.

It’s like a party with Rotunda and Roddy Piper and Dusty in here!

GOOOOOOD move bringing Barrett in.  That made me happy.  And then the rest of them just going crazy, that was neat.  Their evil-looking armbands and all.  It did go too long, though, and felt like the ultimate time-filler.  If they take this somewhere it will be okay though.  In fact it could be interesting if they do it right.  but 8 is a lot of people to have in a stable like that because they essentially can’t lose unless half the locker room comes out (which should have happened, really).  Though I must admit, the carnage was pretty impressive.

Other than that, I feel like there wasn’t much to say tonight.  The matches were all pretty short and most of them random.  The guest host segments weren’t too involved but they were handled pretty well.  Honestly it was a little unimportant and kind of reminded me of the not-so-good RAWs they had a while ago when the guest hosts were new and stuff.  I guess that’s how the 3-hour editions often end up though.

It sucks that Taker got hurt.  A lot.  The Kane thing was a liiiittle weird and I’m not entirely sure I actually understood where they were trying to go with that, but the end was kind of fun and old-school feeling.

The Swagger/MVP match was fine.  I wasn’t really into it for some reason though.  Archer and Hawkins have cool music.

I liked the IC title match a lot.  Kofi especially had some really cool moves in there.

I am getting more and more sick of LayCool every time I ee them, which I didn’t think possible.  Kelly Kelly and Rosa had an alright match.  It actually looks like Kelly’s trying to learn to wrestle finally.  Rosa hit a nice suplex too.

All of the shots with Kane “seeking vengeance” were more in character.  I’m wondering who will turn out to be the guilty one!  I also want to know who that masked SES member is.

Not sure why Shad was missing from the Battle Royal.  I’m annoyed that Mysterio won though.  I feel like putting Kane in would have been a good replacement, but what do I know.  Mysterio vs. Big Show bothers me though because I’m sure they’ll have Rey like land on Show’s back and that magically flattens him.Also, why wasn’t Cody Rhodes in the match?  I think he should have had a shot.