It sucks that Taker got hurt.  A lot.  The Kane thing was a liiiittle weird and I’m not entirely sure I actually understood where they were trying to go with that, but the end was kind of fun and old-school feeling.

The Swagger/MVP match was fine.  I wasn’t really into it for some reason though.  Archer and Hawkins have cool music.

I liked the IC title match a lot.  Kofi especially had some really cool moves in there.

I am getting more and more sick of LayCool every time I ee them, which I didn’t think possible.  Kelly Kelly and Rosa had an alright match.  It actually looks like Kelly’s trying to learn to wrestle finally.  Rosa hit a nice suplex too.

All of the shots with Kane “seeking vengeance” were more in character.  I’m wondering who will turn out to be the guilty one!  I also want to know who that masked SES member is.

Not sure why Shad was missing from the Battle Royal.  I’m annoyed that Mysterio won though.  I feel like putting Kane in would have been a good replacement, but what do I know.  Mysterio vs. Big Show bothers me though because I’m sure they’ll have Rey like land on Show’s back and that magically flattens him.Also, why wasn’t Cody Rhodes in the match?  I think he should have had a shot.