I actually almost forgot RAW started early today, oops.

New Hart Dynasty shirts look neat.  At first I was angry that they weren’t wrestling the Usos but it’s too early for that really.  I would have liked to see Croft and Baretta in there though.  Or really anybody except Khali and Hornswoggle.  Though it wasn’t too painful.

I like it when they have King do stuff.  He is entertaining and not awful.

Damn, Kozlov’s got moves.  Or something along those lines, haha.

Diva Battle Royals annoy me because they don’t have to go over the top rope, the rule is any rope. Boo.

Man I’m sick of R-Truth and his stupid song.

It’s like a party with Rotunda and Roddy Piper and Dusty in here!

GOOOOOOD move bringing Barrett in.  That made me happy.  And then the rest of them just going crazy, that was neat.  Their evil-looking armbands and all.  It did go too long, though, and felt like the ultimate time-filler.  If they take this somewhere it will be okay though.  In fact it could be interesting if they do it right.  but 8 is a lot of people to have in a stable like that because they essentially can’t lose unless half the locker room comes out (which should have happened, really).  Though I must admit, the carnage was pretty impressive.

Other than that, I feel like there wasn’t much to say tonight.  The matches were all pretty short and most of them random.  The guest host segments weren’t too involved but they were handled pretty well.  Honestly it was a little unimportant and kind of reminded me of the not-so-good RAWs they had a while ago when the guest hosts were new and stuff.  I guess that’s how the 3-hour editions often end up though.