July 2010

Wow, July is almost over. Before we know it’ll be snowing!

Yeah, they’re changing the WWE intro a lot. It’s not just to spite JR.

Yes, the goal of The Nexus is to end RAW. They don’t want to be on TV or anything, just destroy the WWE forever….no. Bad line there. The rest of the promo was alright though. Obviously they need to create drama within the team because they can’t all get along. I’m still enjoying their little GM catchphrase teases.

Interesting using one of the Usos in a singles match already. Though there arent’ really enough tag teams to put them in a tag match, so I understand. It worked out okay, I expected a squash definitely. Not sure if that’s a brilliant idea long term for getting the Usos to be seen as legitimate contenders, though. The whole thing after the match with Sheamus worked out really nice, though.

Um, I LOVE that they got Lawler in that match! Heath Slater was in there a lot. I like him, though, I think he’s a pretty solid wrestler and he has a pretty typical wrestler look (whatever that means.). Plus he was super nice when I met him at ‘Mania so maybe I’m biased. Wade Barrett was actually really friendly as well.
I thought when Bourne was the only one left that he’d have a spectacular showing of some sort to continue his push and to help explain to me why he’s not in the SummerSlam match. No such luck, unfortunately. Justin Gabriel does have a good mean person face, but he needs to balance on those ropes better, man. You just can’t spend too long up there finding balance and preparing for your move at this point. I could’ve done without Sheffield on the mic I think.

I somehow completely missed the fact that Jillian was out there until she interfered. Okay. That match was, for lack of a better word, pretty lame. I was kind of thinking, “why bother?”

I’d be a little afraid to headbutt R-Truth. I feel like the piercings could create a danger. The drama with him and Morrison was a bit much for me. Again, more of trying to show that “Team RAW” or whatever has tension, but I just don’t buy that much and it’s not necessary.

Again with the main event and them trying too hard to create drama. It’s already there, we already know. Don’t have them bicker like little girls for ten minutes. It seemed like Jericho was having fun tonight though. I actually had become slightly complacent and was not expecting that Code Breaker!

Being in San Antonio and all it would have been neat to see Shawn Michaels, but I’m not really surprised or upset that he wasn’t there.

Oh my gosh. Seeing WrestleMania on screen like that just brought me back to that night immediately. Very vivid memories for sure!

I’m definitely okay with Kane being champion. A 2 out of 3 falls match, neat. I like those, especially for big rivalries and stuff.

Um, Kofi’s new ring attire is a little too Hulk Hogan for me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Hulkster, but it just…nah. Now, I don’t mind Kofi having the title at all (in fact I quite like it), but come on, give Ziggler a shot.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FINALLY. Joey Mercury, ladies and gentleman! Which we basically knew, but still. This is thrilling. I really hope they do something interesting with him now. Also, Big Show is hilarious.

The grooming tips promo from Cody Rhodes was pretty great.

The Mysterio/Swagger match was pretty well done. I really liked the very last spot when Mysterio got the last pin, it worked out really nice and looked great.

Not much to say tonight I guess. It was a solid SmackDown though. I feel like weird things need to start happening since SummerSlam is coming up, though.

I missed the first half of RAW and I wasn’t really up to a full post tonight, sorry. What I saw was pretty decent, though it seemed like not a lot happened, haha. I’m surprised I didn’t see what happened earlier through several replays.

Tarver sure can cut a promo. It’s a good idea to have this culminate at SummerSlam. And the team thing was not a surprise but I LOVE Edge and Jericho being there. I feel like R-Truth has no business being there though. Khali…eh, I guess having a “giant” is good for them. HOLY CRAP. I did NOT expect Bret Hart. AWESOME. I had kinda hoped Bourne was in there but I’ll get over it.

Apparently Night of Champions is at the Allstate Arena…very good chance I’ll try to be there!

For some reason I didn’t like the Kofi/Rhodes match as much as I thought I would. The spots were good and all but it just seemed kinda slow or something. The crowd seemed pretty quiet. And maybe I’m a little sick if the Kane storyline because it feels very overdone and over the top to me.

I guess that match and Christian/Drew McIntyre had supposed implications for the PPV or something, but they didn’t make me care enough. It wasn’t totally random but the MITB match is just such a different animal that these don’t seem to matter at all.

Is it bad that I kind of hope Alberto Del Rio ends up like Kizarny and stays for one week? Haha I’m sick of him already. Though I should say, I liked Kizarny.

They keep teasing me with the masked SES dude! I’m dying to know who it is. Punk and Show had a funny promo though. I have to say, though, I did not expect the mask to come off. They did surprise me with that!

I’m really not sure what happened with that mixed tag match thing. Random and crazy.

Vickie Guerrero has been steadily losing weight and getting in shape. Good for her. I think they’ve finally stopped the fat jokes now haha. Dolph and Matt Hardy had a pretty decent match. I think part of it is that I care more what Ziggler does because I think he’s talented and deserves a shot. Matt’s moonsault was really good, too.

The Swagger pictures were hilarious. Oh man. I don’t know why I found the chokeslam and tombstone to Daddy Swagger so awesome, but I did. So cool.

I’m typing this on a friend’s iPad so I apologize in advance for the typos and word errors that may exist haha.

Anyway. I’m really super annoyed that they took JR’s voice out of the WWE opening thing. And replaced it with a big blank space followed by Cena. Great, thanks, WWE. It sound stupid and is a bad choice. People love JR and I don’t think cutting him out of the visible part of the company is a good decision.

I do enjoy Cena making fun of Sheamus though. And he is pretty funkny when he isn’t beating incredible odds and all. I’m not buying the no interference in a steel cage thing. They could very well bring Nexus in. And let’s not forget HBK entering the Hell in a Cell match through the floor! (So cool.) I’d like a Nexus shirt.

I don’t mind Alicia Fox being champion, I think she’s gotten to be a good wrestler. I hope she wins Sunday.

The tag match was really good, but short. I almost wanted it to end as as a no decision somehow because his has been building up for so long and I wanted some kind of epic battle to end it haha. And that was hardly worth calling a mixed tag, would have been nice to see Tamina and Natalya. Hopefully they’ll have a separate match.

Hahaha Maryse is opening the ropes for DiBiase. That’s funny. Her dress seemed to be fitting perilously though. I understood most of what Maryse said, but she either made up a couple words or it was her Canadian accent/slang which can be weird. If anyone cares, she basically said leave the ring and take a shower.

The Brady Bunch thing was freaking funny.

The Edge/Orton match was good, not surprisingly. They spent a lot of time out of the ring. Oh man. Good for Bourne.

Ha, more GM teasing. I could see Piper doing it.

Doink? Wow.

That shot of Sheamus running through the back was hilarious.

The last match was actually pretty well done. I kind if expected Sheamus to come out but that was well done, too.

Sorry I didn’t post last night.  I did watch SmackDown and thought it was pretty good overall.

The Drew McIntyre promo at the beginning was entertaining.  I think a lot of people don’t like him but I think he did a great job and showed that he’s not untalented.  He and Kofi had a good, energetic match as well.

The Triple Threat was alright.  I’m very glad Dolph Ziggler is in the MITB match…that man deserves a title, but I kind of hope it doesn’t happen as a result of being with Vickie because I feel he does actually deserve it.

So…heel Christian now?  I’m not sure that’ll totally work at the moment with how much people cheer for him, but having him attack Matt Hardy could definitely help the turn there.  And he can pull it off.  I hope he gets funny promos at least.

I like that Punk’s still there even though he’s not wrestling.  It would have been a mistake for him to disappear completely.  Of course they’re hinting at the end of the SES, but who knows how long that could take, haha.  Though I was sort of hoping they’d separate Serena so she could grow her hair back.

I’m not sure about Cody Rhodes’s new theme song yet.  The idea of the mirror thing was okay.  Hadn’t seen JTG in a while but it was a fine match.

Ehh I dunno about Swagger as the evil lunatic wanting to hurt people.  I don’t find it believable enough; he just likes to gloat, not break things.

And I’m kind of surprised I remembered all that!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has all limbs in tact!

So, the Nexus has a secret agenda, which we pretty much knew.  I wonder if it’ll end up that they’re working for someone who hates Vince or something.  The brawl thing was a little annoying having the heels just go against everything again and attack the rest of the guys.  I’d like it if the “that’s the bottom line because the GM said so” and “give me a hell yeah” lines were not just taunts…but it seems likely that Stone Cold wouldn’t do it.  Who knows, though?

Hahaha Santino.  “Except this time, no Nazis!”

I was looking forward to Arn Anderson clocking Sheamus, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  Though Sheamus did a pretty good job.

The Edge and Jericho vs. Orton and Bourne match was pretty long, but it was good.  Orton hitting Bourne with the RKO was a nice touch, too, reminding everyone that he’s not technically a  nice guy!

Still sick of the countless Nexus replays.  At least they’re shorter now, but they are more plentiful.

Oh, man, who would have thought this RAW would end in a Nexus brawl?!

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