I read that Punk had surgery on his arm and is off for a few weeks.  Bummer.

Swagger was boring me again.  He was much better when he was more animated and cocky.  He is boring and monotone again.  Ah, how nice of Mysterio to show up.  It annoys me when new champions are absent the show after they win the title.  Cody Rhodes, though?  I’m okay with it, it’s just very random.

The Peep Show was fine I guess.  They kind of went in predictable circles and really nothing could have been resolved but oh well.

Uh, the same Alberto Del Rio (Banderas in FCW) promo?  That’s lame! haha.  Really, though, I’m pretty sure that’s the same one they played last week and that’s obnoxious (and not terribly wise on their part, makes me care a lot less).  They did show a different one later, too.  He’s hard for me to understand.  There were some times I couldn’t actually tell if he was speaking Spanish or English…but they still remind me of bad alcohol ads.

Cody’s promo in the mirror was actually really good.  He is drawing heat hard now, too.

So, I was going to ask why Kane hurting the members would break up the SES, but then I realized it’s because they’d all become addicted to pain killers. Nooo I’m kidding.  The real answer is that it’s the WWE!  I really want to know who the masked guy is still.  We better find out at some point.  Hmm…I liked the idea of the segment with Serena in the bar actually.  It took a little too long to happen (especially since we all saw where it was going), but it worked out well enough.  Serena face turn maybe?  I don’t know.  Grow her hair back.

Diva’s match wasn’t a total disaster but there was a lot of interference.  I’m glad there hasn’t been a full LayCool promo in a little while, but they’re still awful.

Ricky Steamboat is in the hospital.  It’s said to be unrelated to his wrestling, and he’s supposed to be stable and will be okay.  I hope so.