Hope everyone had a great weekend and has all limbs in tact!

So, the Nexus has a secret agenda, which we pretty much knew.  I wonder if it’ll end up that they’re working for someone who hates Vince or something.  The brawl thing was a little annoying having the heels just go against everything again and attack the rest of the guys.  I’d like it if the “that’s the bottom line because the GM said so” and “give me a hell yeah” lines were not just taunts…but it seems likely that Stone Cold wouldn’t do it.  Who knows, though?

Hahaha Santino.  “Except this time, no Nazis!”

I was looking forward to Arn Anderson clocking Sheamus, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  Though Sheamus did a pretty good job.

The Edge and Jericho vs. Orton and Bourne match was pretty long, but it was good.  Orton hitting Bourne with the RKO was a nice touch, too, reminding everyone that he’s not technically a  nice guy!

Still sick of the countless Nexus replays.  At least they’re shorter now, but they are more plentiful.

Oh, man, who would have thought this RAW would end in a Nexus brawl?!