Sorry I didn’t post last night.  I did watch SmackDown and thought it was pretty good overall.

The Drew McIntyre promo at the beginning was entertaining.  I think a lot of people don’t like him but I think he did a great job and showed that he’s not untalented.  He and Kofi had a good, energetic match as well.

The Triple Threat was alright.  I’m very glad Dolph Ziggler is in the MITB match…that man deserves a title, but I kind of hope it doesn’t happen as a result of being with Vickie because I feel he does actually deserve it.

So…heel Christian now?  I’m not sure that’ll totally work at the moment with how much people cheer for him, but having him attack Matt Hardy could definitely help the turn there.  And he can pull it off.  I hope he gets funny promos at least.

I like that Punk’s still there even though he’s not wrestling.  It would have been a mistake for him to disappear completely.  Of course they’re hinting at the end of the SES, but who knows how long that could take, haha.  Though I was sort of hoping they’d separate Serena so she could grow her hair back.

I’m not sure about Cody Rhodes’s new theme song yet.  The idea of the mirror thing was okay.  Hadn’t seen JTG in a while but it was a fine match.

Ehh I dunno about Swagger as the evil lunatic wanting to hurt people.  I don’t find it believable enough; he just likes to gloat, not break things.

And I’m kind of surprised I remembered all that!