I’m typing this on a friend’s iPad so I apologize in advance for the typos and word errors that may exist haha.

Anyway. I’m really super annoyed that they took JR’s voice out of the WWE opening thing. And replaced it with a big blank space followed by Cena. Great, thanks, WWE. It sound stupid and is a bad choice. People love JR and I don’t think cutting him out of the visible part of the company is a good decision.

I do enjoy Cena making fun of Sheamus though. And he is pretty funkny when he isn’t beating incredible odds and all. I’m not buying the no interference in a steel cage thing. They could very well bring Nexus in. And let’s not forget HBK entering the Hell in a Cell match through the floor! (So cool.) I’d like a Nexus shirt.

I don’t mind Alicia Fox being champion, I think she’s gotten to be a good wrestler. I hope she wins Sunday.

The tag match was really good, but short. I almost wanted it to end as as a no decision somehow because his has been building up for so long and I wanted some kind of epic battle to end it haha. And that was hardly worth calling a mixed tag, would have been nice to see Tamina and Natalya. Hopefully they’ll have a separate match.

Hahaha Maryse is opening the ropes for DiBiase. That’s funny. Her dress seemed to be fitting perilously though. I understood most of what Maryse said, but she either made up a couple words or it was her Canadian accent/slang which can be weird. If anyone cares, she basically said leave the ring and take a shower.

The Brady Bunch thing was freaking funny.

The Edge/Orton match was good, not surprisingly. They spent a lot of time out of the ring. Oh man. Good for Bourne.

Ha, more GM teasing. I could see Piper doing it.

Doink? Wow.

That shot of Sheamus running through the back was hilarious.

The last match was actually pretty well done. I kind if expected Sheamus to come out but that was well done, too.