For some reason I didn’t like the Kofi/Rhodes match as much as I thought I would. The spots were good and all but it just seemed kinda slow or something. The crowd seemed pretty quiet. And maybe I’m a little sick if the Kane storyline because it feels very overdone and over the top to me.

I guess that match and Christian/Drew McIntyre had supposed implications for the PPV or something, but they didn’t make me care enough. It wasn’t totally random but the MITB match is just such a different animal that these don’t seem to matter at all.

Is it bad that I kind of hope Alberto Del Rio ends up like Kizarny and stays for one week? Haha I’m sick of him already. Though I should say, I liked Kizarny.

They keep teasing me with the masked SES dude! I’m dying to know who it is. Punk and Show had a funny promo though. I have to say, though, I did not expect the mask to come off. They did surprise me with that!

I’m really not sure what happened with that mixed tag match thing. Random and crazy.

Vickie Guerrero has been steadily losing weight and getting in shape. Good for her. I think they’ve finally stopped the fat jokes now haha. Dolph and Matt Hardy had a pretty decent match. I think part of it is that I care more what Ziggler does because I think he’s talented and deserves a shot. Matt’s moonsault was really good, too.

The Swagger pictures were hilarious. Oh man. I don’t know why I found the chokeslam and tombstone to Daddy Swagger so awesome, but I did. So cool.