Wow, July is almost over. Before we know it’ll be snowing!

Yeah, they’re changing the WWE intro a lot. It’s not just to spite JR.

Yes, the goal of The Nexus is to end RAW. They don’t want to be on TV or anything, just destroy the WWE forever….no. Bad line there. The rest of the promo was alright though. Obviously they need to create drama within the team because they can’t all get along. I’m still enjoying their little GM catchphrase teases.

Interesting using one of the Usos in a singles match already. Though there arent’ really enough tag teams to put them in a tag match, so I understand. It worked out okay, I expected a squash definitely. Not sure if that’s a brilliant idea long term for getting the Usos to be seen as legitimate contenders, though. The whole thing after the match with Sheamus worked out really nice, though.

Um, I LOVE that they got Lawler in that match! Heath Slater was in there a lot. I like him, though, I think he’s a pretty solid wrestler and he has a pretty typical wrestler look (whatever that means.). Plus he was super nice when I met him at ‘Mania so maybe I’m biased. Wade Barrett was actually really friendly as well.
I thought when Bourne was the only one left that he’d have a spectacular showing of some sort to continue his push and to help explain to me why he’s not in the SummerSlam match. No such luck, unfortunately. Justin Gabriel does have a good mean person face, but he needs to balance on those ropes better, man. You just can’t spend too long up there finding balance and preparing for your move at this point. I could’ve done without Sheffield on the mic I think.

I somehow completely missed the fact that Jillian was out there until she interfered. Okay. That match was, for lack of a better word, pretty lame. I was kind of thinking, “why bother?”

I’d be a little afraid to headbutt R-Truth. I feel like the piercings could create a danger. The drama with him and Morrison was a bit much for me. Again, more of trying to show that “Team RAW” or whatever has tension, but I just don’t buy that much and it’s not necessary.

Again with the main event and them trying too hard to create drama. It’s already there, we already know. Don’t have them bicker like little girls for ten minutes. It seemed like Jericho was having fun tonight though. I actually had become slightly complacent and was not expecting that Code Breaker!

Being in San Antonio and all it would have been neat to see Shawn Michaels, but I’m not really surprised or upset that he wasn’t there.

Oh my gosh. Seeing WrestleMania on screen like that just brought me back to that night immediately. Very vivid memories for sure!