August 2010

This is pretty exciting!

JR wrote a blog this afternoon with some RAW memories. It was fun to read and remember what he talked about and all. I’d recommend it.

Okay, the Kane/Bret Hart thing was kind of predictable but no less fun to watch. I’m still dying to know how the GM is, man. I wonder when they’ll tell us.

Interesting, they used Daniel Bryan as a pro in that match. (Unless this happened on NXT already and I missed it, haha.) I like it. It was a great move putting the rookies on such a big show, though. The match seemed to go pretty well.

Um, that Divas match barely existed. Which is a shame because I was actually looking forward to it. Whaaaat. They want to unify the Divas belts now? I’m annoyed. The Divas Championship (that not so great looking pink thing) is still very new, and I really love that Womens’ belt. I can only guess which one they’ll get rid of if that do that….Plus, I think having two titles right now is a good thing because the quality of the womens’ wrestling is increasing right now and having the belts on each show could be really beneficial.

Thought the JR shoutouts were nice. Every time they show a clip with him announcing I miss him!

Wow, okay. The whole Nexus/Undertaker thing….that’s like, WWE passing the torch right there. I’m certainly not saying ‘Taker’s done, because he will be around forever. But like…having former “rookies” who haven’t been around that long and giving them such a major push, now with beating up the UNDERTAKER, that is a big deal. Hello, run-on sentence.

Ha, Swagger vs. Bourne. Two guys who lost their momentum a bit, sadly. And then Del Rio. Interesting. Gosh I love that Shooting Star Press, though. I’m a little worried that Del Rio’s schtick is going to get kind of old if he keeps doing the exact same thing. Gets heat though and that’s what they’re going for.

Ehhh don’t like seeing the SES without Serena. She helped balance them (I kind of made that up but it’s really kind of true). Punk’s promo was funny, though, and very well done. Show always cracks me up though. Man, I was really hoping The Rock was there, though. I also can’t believe they let Punk mention that Katie Vick thing….

Edge is another one who just nails his promos and matches all the time. Always entertaining! I have to say I enjoyed the last few falls of the match with Orton and especially the last one with Barrett. It was just fun to watch and not completely predictable.

Overall I thought RAW was pretty good. Some of the matches were a little short for my liking, but I enjoyed the flashbacks they had and I didn’t see anything really stupid that upset me as can sometimes happen. I like it when they bring in the Superstars from other brands, it’s fun and you can get some great matches.

I figured they’d either start out with ‘Taker or, more likely, he’d interfere in the Kane/Mysterio match. I’m glad I was wrong, though. I thought that match was really good, actually. It wasn’t like stupidly brutal or anything, but it was a good back-and-forth match with a lot of vicious looking moves and all. Good moving bringing Del Rio out at the end there, too, even if it was a bit drawn out.

Man, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it probably is for Punk wrestling with that still very fresh and new chest piece. That is one big tattoo. Glad he finally hit a GTS again.

Kofi and Dolph had yet another spectacular match. I’m sick of Dolph getting things because of Vickie though because he really doesn’t need her help; I think it’s overshadowing his talent. But we’ll probably see another IC title match with these two soon so I can’t complain too much.

Del Rio looked good in his match again. I’m glad the local guy got a little bit of offense in; he seemed like he knows what he’s doing, too.

I’m always up for good Kane and Undertaker promos. They did a good job as usual. It was kinda long but what can you do.

I thought the throne for Sheamus was a bit much but oh well. Man, I’m as sick of that R-Truth intro as Michael Cole seemed to be, haha. And I’m not sure he’s one I’d pick for a world title shot…that was actually a good match though, I enjoyed it.

Khali and Jericho actually had a pretty good match, too.

Divas match was pretty good. Jillian’s improved a lot. And Melina is obviously athletic but the screams are a bit much for me.

I enjoyed Miz and Cena’s match, as well. Good stuff going on in the ring tonight, that’s for sure. I’m still excited that Daniel Bryan is back. Good move.

Very glad to see the Usos again, I really wish they were around more. I’m also happy that Santino got to actually wrestle a real match because I think he’s pretty talented. The Tamina thing still makes me laugh even though it’s slightly strange.

For some reason I’m amused by Morrison’s beard. That Triple Threat was fun to watch, too. It really seems like everyone is wrestling really well and that’s great.

Okay, I was pretty excited when Ryder came out, I like him haha. I kind of figured the “match” would end up like that though, but that’s okay. I was kind of looking forward to Barrett vs. Sheamus for the title. I didn’t really expect the craziness that they created. Could be fun, we’ll see. Not my favorite ending to a RAW ever, but I’m happy they didn’t have all the Nexus guys come out and help Barrett as I expected to happen.

FInally we see Alberto Del Rio! He did a pretty good job with the promo, seemed relaxed and stuff.

I don’t really mind these repeated Kofi/Ziggler matches because they’ve been good. Also, The Nexus interrupting their match at SummerSlam raises a good question; if they are so brutal and vicious, why are they only attacking the RAW superstars?

I was wondering where Hornswoggle had been. Not that I really minded a whole lot.

Man, I really thought Serena was going to hit a GTS and that would have been awesome. It was still a cool move, though. And Kelly Kelly actually did pretty decently as well, good for her.

Um, I actually really enjoyed Kane’s promo a lot. It was cool how they included the old video clips and stuff, but he just really, really nailed that. It’s not hard to see why Kane is still employed by the WWE after all these years.

Hm, Swagger does make a good point that he had a bad summer, haha. His push pretty much disappeared.

Ha, a personal ring announcer. Cheap heat in a unique form. Del Rio’s pyro is cool. Debuting against Mysterio is probably a good sign for him. He seems like he’s in pretty good shape…not quite as huge as I expected but I was thinking like, Wade Barrett for some reason. Good match, I was impressed. That finisher was AWESOME though. So far I’m impressed with Del Rio overall. He seems talented and athletic and is already pretty good with promos and seems fairly polished, especially for his first big match. Glad they showed that finisher a few times, very cool. I’m actually surprised I like this guy this much because those promos didn’t do much for me before!

Okay, so, obviously there hasn’t been a TNA post in a while. That’s in large part due to my work schedule where I’d come home in the middle of it or something…but it’s also because I just really did not have a huge interest in watching. And now I find out RVD’s out which makes me sad! He was definitely fun to watch.

When did they get rid of the ramp?

Wait. So. They blur out an inch of Jeff Hardy’s butt crack, but they don’t bleep out the chant or sign “assholes?”

Wow, way too much blood for me in that attack on the ECW guys. Which I guess sort of fits but I’m just not so into it. I have to say though, Flair’s team kind of of looks like a bunch of tools (and I try to avoid using that word too much because it is overused).
TIME. OUT. AJ Styles talking about, “You couldn’t give up, had to be on TV one last time,” etc. etc. Uh, Ric Flair, anyone? I haven’t seen these guys in weeks and I’m sick of them. I thought Dixie did a pretty good job though.
You’re JOKING. “Who said I took crap from any woman?!” Flair, you need to knock it off. You can’t really say that anymore, even in pro wrestling.
Okay, okay, I’m trying to stop myself from going on a tirade about this tirade. But Tommy Dreamer screaming, “YOU SHUT UP WOO” at Flair cracked me up. Brilliant.

D’Angelo Dinero remains really fun to watch.

And once again I had to do a lot of stuff so I was in and out of the room. Oh well.

This past Saturday I took my love of wrestling one step further and went to a “fantasy camp” as they call it, which is basically an introduction class on being a wrestler. Yup, I got in a ring and learned some moves.

Obviously since this was a completely new thing we weren’t doing moonsaults or anything, but we learned how to take a basic bump and do a few simpler moves. It was a challenge; this stuff is completely different than anything I’d done before. I was definitely in pain the next couple days; it uses pretty much every muscle in your body, plus you are hitting the ring (which isn’t severely painful, but you certainly feel it and you do it repeatedly). But it was a great experience and so, so worth it.

If anyone ever again tries to give me that, “Oh but that’s fake” when I tell them I like wrestling, I can show them a picture of a bruise. And maybe chokeslam them. (Okay, I didn’t learn that, haha.) Running the ropes is NOT a painless experience, my friends. But it is a LOT of fun and a really unique thing.

I have the option of continuing training, but the timing unfortunately isn’t right for me at the moment. I think that when I have the chance I will go back though. I’ll let everyone know when my ‘Mania match is! haha

I did this through POWW Entertainment, a promotion that does a lot of shows in Elk Grove, Hoffman Estates, etc. They are an incredible bunch of people; all very nice and helpful, and they put on great shows. Check them out if you ever get a chance. They have some very talented people on the roster and like I said, they’re good people.
You can see a list of shows at

Of course Nexus losing the match is going to change nothing. They’re a gang of lawless rebels, why would the result of a match contain them? I’m glad Cena got new colors, though, that orange was blinding. Anyway, I’m very glad and honestly surprised that Daniel Bryan is back. I give the WWE credit as I did NOT see that coming and I’m betting they had that planned all along. Okay, Cena was actually making me laugh at loud during his promo.

Um, new tag belts. AWESOME. They’re nice looking, kinda old school even. Also a good idea since they have no need for two tag titles anymore, unified or not.

Very good to see Bryan back and beating up the Miz (sort of). He is fun to watch. Alex Riley’s gimmick must be working though because I hate him.

Interesting way of not having Bret Hart wrestle too much. I haven’t watched SummerSlam yet but JR seemed impressed with how Bret did, though. I was wondering how they’d get Gabriel out of this with a win….I’d forgotten about the Orton/Sheamus storyline. It kind of annoyed me that they were saying Orton was like extra crazy or something because he has been completely bat shit insane before, just as a heel. That was tame for what he’s done, but it was angry enough that they didn’t need to oversell it with that.

Does Sheffield have a gorilla on his tights because he looks like one or…? Weird. I like how they noted that he sniffs all the time. Makes me thing of a documentary I watched of a drummer who was a cocaine addict. He’s fine now. Moving on.

It seems like WWE has been trying to get good Divas matches lately, and I think it’s great. Notice you haven’t seen Kelly Kelly wrestle in a while? I’m actually really happy about this change, if indeed it is one Maybe they’ve finally realized that womens’ wrestling can be really a lot of fun to watch, and having the pretty girls wrestle is better than having them pretend to.

Having Heath Slater ask Edge to throw the match sort of made me wonder if he’d be kicked out of Nexus and then turn face, saying he was brainwashed or something. But I realized they probably want to keep them all together for now.

Khali actually made me laugh a little, too. But yeah, the guest hosts kind of had no business being there and nobody cared that they were.

I wasn’t sure how they were going to get Cena to lose his match…and obviously they didn’t have to worry about that. I wasn’t totally sure they were going to have this be the beginning of the Nexus breakdown, but apparently it is. I thought Darren Young had a really good match though. I’d kind of like him to get a good gimmick and stick around. I’m a little afraid Justin Gabriel is going to rupture his spleen or something, though.

Overall I was actually pretty happy with that RAW. They really didn’t show a ton of dumb replays, there were good matches, and since Nexus was banned from destroying people we didn’t have annoying ambushes. The large amount of gimmick finishes was kind of annoying but they managed to vary it enough that it didn’t totally annoy be, mostly because I knew they needed to keep up the storyline.

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