Sorry for the delay, been kinda busy!

Kane’s promo was fine I guess. Really long, though, and since they’ve been happening a lot lately I wasn’t glued to the TV. Him vs. Mysterio could work out though, we’ll see.

The Christian/Drew McIntyre match was alright. A couple of the spots didn’t quite seem to flow right I think but I wouldn’t say it was a disaster. I’d have to say the end got really good, though.

Oh boy, Punk is angry! Haha, I enjoyed that promo. I also kind of want Serena to bitch slap him.

I’m enjoying these Dolph/Kofi matches. I mean, that was really a spectacular match in my opinion. It had a good story behind it, had great spots, and was executed well. Kofi going crazy at the end was actually also well done. It really looked like he was going crazy.

Whoa. Tiffany superplexed Michelle McCool, and it worked really well. I’m very impressed.

Can we just have Alberto Del Rio debut already please?

Swagger and Mysterio being thrown into the water actually made me laugh. I don’t think that was quite the goal but that’s how it is sometimes! That arena was kind of neat looking, though. But the people coming out of the elevator and all just took away from the whole beating a little for me.