Hm, I kind of enjoyed Truth’s promo which is unusual for me haha. I kind of forgot Edge was a heel for a minute because people were cheering him so loud. That’s good, that means people hate the Nexus as much as WWE wants them to! (Side note, I did see that WWEShop is selling Nexus armbands now for a nice $8 price tag.)

You know, every time I hear Tarver talk I like it more. That’s a very good thing!

I like that they have Tamina and Natalya in matches with other Divas (finally). I feel like people might care more about them than other Divas sometimes, plus we know they can wrestle. In fact there’s little question in my mind that Natalya could kick my ass. That was actually a pretty fast-paced and interesting match. I mean, it was the usual Diva random stuff, but it all worked out pretty well this time. That was a good way to bring Melina back, too. Glad she’s all healed and healthy.

Not a bad idea to have Sheamus make a truce with Nexus. Makes people hate them both more. Except it almost makes me forget about Sheamus because all they talk about is Nexus…oh well. Man, I hate that cross finisher, though. Looks SO dangerous.

I would love to be able to hit a lionsault. That is such a nice (and effective) looking move. Cena off the top rope wasn’t my favorite thing. It seemed okay in the beginning but the landing actually did look painful. They did have a good match though.

Yeah…showing that Cena movie trailer and then cutting to Khali’s music was not so smooth, haha.

I thought Miz and Orton had a really good, solid, fun to watch match. If he hadn’t already, Miz is definitely securing himself in the top tier I think. He is so easy to hate and his wrestling has improved a LOT.

I enjoyed that RAW, even though the Nexus talk got a little old at times. There certainly was a lot of it.