You know, Drew McIntyre had a good point there in saying a “hero” wouldn’t stand by when others were falsely accused.

Um…can anybody remember the last time Matt Hardy actually won a match?

Okay, VERY exciting that Ziggler won the belt (even though there was a tiny bit of help, but like not a ton…). Yesss. I have to admit, though, I thought there wouldn’t be a clean finish and the match would be moved to SummerSlam. I kind of hope he has it for a while but ditches Vickie to make it more legitimate.

Punk’s promo was good and evil and stuff. The match was alright. Haven’t seen Chris Masters or JTG for a while.

The Mysterio/McIntyre match was actually pretty decent.

Not much to say today…it seems like SmackDown went by pretty quick. I enjoyed it, though. Good wrestling and for the most part good work with the storylines.