Seems like Bret Hart’s getting back into the groove more with every promo, which is nice. Vicious Nexus beating us up to 2 Superstars so far.

Hey, Evan Bourne is back finally (I don’t think he was officially gone, was he? Just didn’t have a match…). He does cool things when he wrestles. It’s too bad his push kind of just stopped. I think they want Miz to do well and appear very powerful right now though.

Nice to have Melina back as it’s one more Diva who can actually wrestle. It was a pretty good match for the most part. That scream does actually grate on me, though.

Nexus beat-ups climb to 3.

The Sheamus/Orton promo didn’t hold my interest terribly well.

Whoa, weird. An NXT match. Wasn’t expecting that, but I think it’s a very good idea. The match seemed to go pretty well though, I liked it.

Um, Zack Ryder’s tights are HILARIOUS. It’s a license plate that says, “WWW YKI” which is his, “Woo woo woo, you know it” phrase.

The gimmicky Divas match was, as always, a little ridiculous. The wrestling, however, was not abysmal as I had thought it would be. They certainly actually tried to put a real match on this time and they did fine with it. I will admit I’m slightly perplexed by the Tamina thing but that’s how life works.

Nexus beatings = 4. I did enjoy Miz’s Nancy Kerrigan reference, though. I kind of figured Jericho and Edge would join back up because really they are a huge part of everything and big names. I like it. Also I’m pleased that Bret Hart seems to know his limits and doesn’t try ridiculous wrestling moves at all.

The crowd seemed really into the show tonight, which is always god. There were a couple chants I couldn’t quite make out that I’m sure were amusing though haha.