Of course Nexus losing the match is going to change nothing. They’re a gang of lawless rebels, why would the result of a match contain them? I’m glad Cena got new colors, though, that orange was blinding. Anyway, I’m very glad and honestly surprised that Daniel Bryan is back. I give the WWE credit as I did NOT see that coming and I’m betting they had that planned all along. Okay, Cena was actually making me laugh at loud during his promo.

Um, new tag belts. AWESOME. They’re nice looking, kinda old school even. Also a good idea since they have no need for two tag titles anymore, unified or not.

Very good to see Bryan back and beating up the Miz (sort of). He is fun to watch. Alex Riley’s gimmick must be working though because I hate him.

Interesting way of not having Bret Hart wrestle too much. I haven’t watched SummerSlam yet but JR seemed impressed with how Bret did, though. I was wondering how they’d get Gabriel out of this with a win….I’d forgotten about the Orton/Sheamus storyline. It kind of annoyed me that they were saying Orton was like extra crazy or something because he has been completely bat shit insane before, just as a heel. That was tame for what he’s done, but it was angry enough that they didn’t need to oversell it with that.

Does Sheffield have a gorilla on his tights because he looks like one or…? Weird. I like how they noted that he sniffs all the time. Makes me thing of a documentary I watched of a drummer who was a cocaine addict. He’s fine now. Moving on.

It seems like WWE has been trying to get good Divas matches lately, and I think it’s great. Notice you haven’t seen Kelly Kelly wrestle in a while? I’m actually really happy about this change, if indeed it is one Maybe they’ve finally realized that womens’ wrestling can be really a lot of fun to watch, and having the pretty girls wrestle is better than having them pretend to.

Having Heath Slater ask Edge to throw the match sort of made me wonder if he’d be kicked out of Nexus and then turn face, saying he was brainwashed or something. But I realized they probably want to keep them all together for now.

Khali actually made me laugh a little, too. But yeah, the guest hosts kind of had no business being there and nobody cared that they were.

I wasn’t sure how they were going to get Cena to lose his match…and obviously they didn’t have to worry about that. I wasn’t totally sure they were going to have this be the beginning of the Nexus breakdown, but apparently it is. I thought Darren Young had a really good match though. I’d kind of like him to get a good gimmick and stick around. I’m a little afraid Justin Gabriel is going to rupture his spleen or something, though.

Overall I was actually pretty happy with that RAW. They really didn’t show a ton of dumb replays, there were good matches, and since Nexus was banned from destroying people we didn’t have annoying ambushes. The large amount of gimmick finishes was kind of annoying but they managed to vary it enough that it didn’t totally annoy be, mostly because I knew they needed to keep up the storyline.