This past Saturday I took my love of wrestling one step further and went to a “fantasy camp” as they call it, which is basically an introduction class on being a wrestler. Yup, I got in a ring and learned some moves.

Obviously since this was a completely new thing we weren’t doing moonsaults or anything, but we learned how to take a basic bump and do a few simpler moves. It was a challenge; this stuff is completely different than anything I’d done before. I was definitely in pain the next couple days; it uses pretty much every muscle in your body, plus you are hitting the ring (which isn’t severely painful, but you certainly feel it and you do it repeatedly). But it was a great experience and so, so worth it.

If anyone ever again tries to give me that, “Oh but that’s fake” when I tell them I like wrestling, I can show them a picture of a bruise. And maybe chokeslam them. (Okay, I didn’t learn that, haha.) Running the ropes is NOT a painless experience, my friends. But it is a LOT of fun and a really unique thing.

I have the option of continuing training, but the timing unfortunately isn’t right for me at the moment. I think that when I have the chance I will go back though. I’ll let everyone know when my ‘Mania match is! haha

I did this through POWW Entertainment, a promotion that does a lot of shows in Elk Grove, Hoffman Estates, etc. They are an incredible bunch of people; all very nice and helpful, and they put on great shows. Check them out if you ever get a chance. They have some very talented people on the roster and like I said, they’re good people.
You can see a list of shows at