Okay, so, obviously there hasn’t been a TNA post in a while. That’s in large part due to my work schedule where I’d come home in the middle of it or something…but it’s also because I just really did not have a huge interest in watching. And now I find out RVD’s out which makes me sad! He was definitely fun to watch.

When did they get rid of the ramp?

Wait. So. They blur out an inch of Jeff Hardy’s butt crack, but they don’t bleep out the chant or sign “assholes?”

Wow, way too much blood for me in that attack on the ECW guys. Which I guess sort of fits but I’m just not so into it. I have to say though, Flair’s team kind of of looks like a bunch of tools (and I try to avoid using that word too much because it is overused).
TIME. OUT. AJ Styles talking about, “You couldn’t give up, had to be on TV one last time,” etc. etc. Uh, Ric Flair, anyone? I haven’t seen these guys in weeks and I’m sick of them. I thought Dixie did a pretty good job though.
You’re JOKING. “Who said I took crap from any woman?!” Flair, you need to knock it off. You can’t really say that anymore, even in pro wrestling.
Okay, okay, I’m trying to stop myself from going on a tirade about this tirade. But Tommy Dreamer screaming, “YOU SHUT UP WOO” at Flair cracked me up. Brilliant.

D’Angelo Dinero remains really fun to watch.

And once again I had to do a lot of stuff so I was in and out of the room. Oh well.