FInally we see Alberto Del Rio! He did a pretty good job with the promo, seemed relaxed and stuff.

I don’t really mind these repeated Kofi/Ziggler matches because they’ve been good. Also, The Nexus interrupting their match at SummerSlam raises a good question; if they are so brutal and vicious, why are they only attacking the RAW superstars?

I was wondering where Hornswoggle had been. Not that I really minded a whole lot.

Man, I really thought Serena was going to hit a GTS and that would have been awesome. It was still a cool move, though. And Kelly Kelly actually did pretty decently as well, good for her.

Um, I actually really enjoyed Kane’s promo a lot. It was cool how they included the old video clips and stuff, but he just really, really nailed that. It’s not hard to see why Kane is still employed by the WWE after all these years.

Hm, Swagger does make a good point that he had a bad summer, haha. His push pretty much disappeared.

Ha, a personal ring announcer. Cheap heat in a unique form. Del Rio’s pyro is cool. Debuting against Mysterio is probably a good sign for him. He seems like he’s in pretty good shape…not quite as huge as I expected but I was thinking like, Wade Barrett for some reason. Good match, I was impressed. That finisher was AWESOME though. So far I’m impressed with Del Rio overall. He seems talented and athletic and is already pretty good with promos and seems fairly polished, especially for his first big match. Glad they showed that finisher a few times, very cool. I’m actually surprised I like this guy this much because those promos didn’t do much for me before!