I thought the throne for Sheamus was a bit much but oh well. Man, I’m as sick of that R-Truth intro as Michael Cole seemed to be, haha. And I’m not sure he’s one I’d pick for a world title shot…that was actually a good match though, I enjoyed it.

Khali and Jericho actually had a pretty good match, too.

Divas match was pretty good. Jillian’s improved a lot. And Melina is obviously athletic but the screams are a bit much for me.

I enjoyed Miz and Cena’s match, as well. Good stuff going on in the ring tonight, that’s for sure. I’m still excited that Daniel Bryan is back. Good move.

Very glad to see the Usos again, I really wish they were around more. I’m also happy that Santino got to actually wrestle a real match because I think he’s pretty talented. The Tamina thing still makes me laugh even though it’s slightly strange.

For some reason I’m amused by Morrison’s beard. That Triple Threat was fun to watch, too. It really seems like everyone is wrestling really well and that’s great.

Okay, I was pretty excited when Ryder came out, I like him haha. I kind of figured the “match” would end up like that though, but that’s okay. I was kind of looking forward to Barrett vs. Sheamus for the title. I didn’t really expect the craziness that they created. Could be fun, we’ll see. Not my favorite ending to a RAW ever, but I’m happy they didn’t have all the Nexus guys come out and help Barrett as I expected to happen.