I figured they’d either start out with ‘Taker or, more likely, he’d interfere in the Kane/Mysterio match. I’m glad I was wrong, though. I thought that match was really good, actually. It wasn’t like stupidly brutal or anything, but it was a good back-and-forth match with a lot of vicious looking moves and all. Good moving bringing Del Rio out at the end there, too, even if it was a bit drawn out.

Man, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it probably is for Punk wrestling with that still very fresh and new chest piece. That is one big tattoo. Glad he finally hit a GTS again.

Kofi and Dolph had yet another spectacular match. I’m sick of Dolph getting things because of Vickie though because he really doesn’t need her help; I think it’s overshadowing his talent. But we’ll probably see another IC title match with these two soon so I can’t complain too much.

Del Rio looked good in his match again. I’m glad the local guy got a little bit of offense in; he seemed like he knows what he’s doing, too.

I’m always up for good Kane and Undertaker promos. They did a good job as usual. It was kinda long but what can you do.