This is pretty exciting!

JR wrote a blog this afternoon with some RAW memories. It was fun to read and remember what he talked about and all. I’d recommend it.

Okay, the Kane/Bret Hart thing was kind of predictable but no less fun to watch. I’m still dying to know how the GM is, man. I wonder when they’ll tell us.

Interesting, they used Daniel Bryan as a pro in that match. (Unless this happened on NXT already and I missed it, haha.) I like it. It was a great move putting the rookies on such a big show, though. The match seemed to go pretty well.

Um, that Divas match barely existed. Which is a shame because I was actually looking forward to it. Whaaaat. They want to unify the Divas belts now? I’m annoyed. The Divas Championship (that not so great looking pink thing) is still very new, and I really love that Womens’ belt. I can only guess which one they’ll get rid of if that do that….Plus, I think having two titles right now is a good thing because the quality of the womens’ wrestling is increasing right now and having the belts on each show could be really beneficial.

Thought the JR shoutouts were nice. Every time they show a clip with him announcing I miss him!

Wow, okay. The whole Nexus/Undertaker thing….that’s like, WWE passing the torch right there. I’m certainly not saying ‘Taker’s done, because he will be around forever. But like…having former “rookies” who haven’t been around that long and giving them such a major push, now with beating up the UNDERTAKER, that is a big deal. Hello, run-on sentence.

Ha, Swagger vs. Bourne. Two guys who lost their momentum a bit, sadly. And then Del Rio. Interesting. Gosh I love that Shooting Star Press, though. I’m a little worried that Del Rio’s schtick is going to get kind of old if he keeps doing the exact same thing. Gets heat though and that’s what they’re going for.

Ehhh don’t like seeing the SES without Serena. She helped balance them (I kind of made that up but it’s really kind of true). Punk’s promo was funny, though, and very well done. Show always cracks me up though. Man, I was really hoping The Rock was there, though. I also can’t believe they let Punk mention that Katie Vick thing….

Edge is another one who just nails his promos and matches all the time. Always entertaining! I have to say I enjoyed the last few falls of the match with Orton and especially the last one with Barrett. It was just fun to watch and not completely predictable.

Overall I thought RAW was pretty good. Some of the matches were a little short for my liking, but I enjoyed the flashbacks they had and I didn’t see anything really stupid that upset me as can sometimes happen. I like it when they bring in the Superstars from other brands, it’s fun and you can get some great matches.