September 2010

Hm, a bit of a dilemma with the Bears game being on. I’m not sure yet if I want to watch that or not….football has not been kind to me this weekend. I mean, you know it’s a bad day if Gould misses…ick.

The tag match was pretty good; Riley’s not really a terrible wrestler. I need to see more of him wrestling to make a decision, though. The triple-threat submissions count anywhere is interesting. I could have dealt with one or the other, really, but that could be neat.

Tamina looked very powerful in the match. Eve looked kinda rough. YES. Natalya is number one contender!!! This is wonderful news.

Okay, the graphic of the computer GM being a guest on The Cutting Edge was hilarious.

Uh, Maryse got her French wrong…? She said “last week” when she was speaking French, but translated it as “next” week (which makes a lot more sense, haha). I’ll be interested to see how that one works out.

Remember that one time Singh was mad at Khali? That obviously went nowhere (nor do I think it probably should have). OUCH. That handprint on Sheamus did look painful, though. I know he’s pasty white and all, but still.

Oh no. This voice is happening. It’s reminding me of an episode of CSI where a kidnapper is dressed in a creepy bunny mask….so that’s all I can picture right now haha. Edge’s Lohan comment was a good one, though. RAW’s been having a lot of middle-of-the-card main events lately; usually SmackDown does that but I’ve noticed it a lot on Mondays lately. Match was alright. Cena seemed…not as fluid as I would like I guess. Timing was just very slightly off or something, but it wasn’t horrible. I did enjoy Edge attacking the computer. It was just the side of ridiculous that made it fun.

Nice, finally got Bourne in a match with Justin Gabriel. Gabriel was kicking his leg a little early when Henry was hitting him, but the match went really well overall. Great working having both of the “high flyers” hit their finishers, though, man. That definitely needed to happen, regardless of who won. Gosh, I remember when I didn’t like Tarver. Now they hand him a mic and I almost turn the volume up on my TV. Otunga’s promo was mostly good, and Barrett was a star as always. I thought having those 3 cut promos while the other 2 wrestled was a great way to give everyone time without overloading mic time or anything.

Hm, I hope Hart Dyansty vs. Rhodes/McIntyre doesn’t turn into Hart Dynasty vs. Cryme Tyme before. Every day for MONTHS, haha. Not that I really mind these matches, they’re usually good, but I want to see more tag teams out there. I’ll have to say, though, watching DH Smith hitting all those throws and stuff does not get old. I like Cross Rhodes a lot, as well. Come on, man, don’t go breaking up Hart Dynasty. We need them.

Okay, Jericho is hilarious and good at wrestling promos. That match was really great. All the reversals towards the end and stuff just worked out really nicely. Thanks Sheamus for being a jerk and (almost) ruining it. And then Jericho out of nowhere! Then an RKO! Great stuff, my friends. Can’t say I expected him to hit the punt, though. Wonder how this will play into things.

Last Friday I’ll be able to watch SmackDown in legit HD for a while I think….still don’t get SyFy. But it’ll work out.

Wow, crowd’s got almost less than nothing for Chris Masters. Not completely surprising since he’s been gone, but still.

Um, I feel like they just had that tag match because nobody actually knew what was going on with the belts or anything. I dunno. The match was fine. I think Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre could turn out to be a good team if they start working together more.

Kaval is fun to watch, and I’ll say again that I’m really happy he’s seemingly become a regular part of the SmackDown roster.

I saw somewhere that Christian needs (or just had?) surgery on a torn pec. If that is the case, having Del Rio “take him out” is a pretty decent idea. Why were people booing the announcement of Mysterio’s return? Probably just weren’t listening do what Del Rio was saying.

Ha, Undertaker kind of looked like how I felt after I wrestled in his little video spots. But honestly? I don’t want to see the fatigued, mentally and physically tortured Undertaker. He’s THE UNDERTAKER. I’m not a child anymore, but some things are sacred; he is a badass and an unstoppable force!! Kind of reminds me of the time I was little and cried because I saw Hogan getting beat up real bad…

You know, a little part of me can’t help but think they slightly dropped the ball on Luke Gallows. Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, they didn’t pull the “Festus” angle for that long of a time. I’m surprised they didn’t beat it to death throughout the SES days and not just when they debuted Gallows; that was a REALLY good storyline there. It made him seem powerful, and it made Punk seem powerful. Maybe they figure people don’t remember Festus enough. That is a possibility. So, is Joey Mercury out of the SES, too, or is he just taking the time off for his injury? Hm. Not a bad match. Still surprised (and annoyed) they ignored the disappearance of Serena.

I was thinking the other day about MVP. He was in jail for a long time when he was younger, but he’s obviously turned his life completely around and is now a successful entertainer making, I’m sure, plenty of money. It’s just kind of neat to hear a story like that; you often hear the other side where people just go back to jail or something. Good for him, I respect how hard he must have had to work.

Alright, Vickie in the truck was funny.

OH MY GOD. How did I not see Paul Bearer coming?! This is so exciting.

Night of Champions post was put up during the beginning hour of RAW! It was a good night.

I’m happy Orton won. He’s pretty much at the top of his game as much as ever; can’t say I’m surprised they gave him the belt. Interesting that the next PPV is two weeks away, yikes. I’ll be interested to see how that works out for them.

HA. DH Smith’s McIntyre impression was pretty funny (and pretty bad). I kind of feel like Natalya should have been there with them, but as the match went on Hart Dynasty’s commentary got better. Whenever I wonder if Santino is annoyed at being only the comic relief vs. a perceived “legitimate” wrestler, I realize he’s probably getting paid enough not to mind too much. Anyway, I’d like to see a Hart Dynasty vs. McIntyre and Cody Rhodes match. I think that could be really fun.

Aw, poor Zack Ryder, so unwanted. But funny!

JERICHO. People were saying last night was his last match…I think there’d be a bit more fanfare, though. Obviously they were wrong. So, they’re saying he’s “denying he ever said he’d leave if he didn’t win the title.” Interesting. I’d like to not get my hopes up that he’s staying, but you really never know I guess.

Cena’s promo was fine; it was a bit odd last night but it wasn’t bad I’d say.

Yeah, I figured Miz wouldn’t shut up just because he lost. Okay, Bryan’s music was HILARIOUS. Good match with Edge. Not a big Alex Riley fan. And the Miz beating Bryan up got old pretty quick….

I wish they used the Womens belt instead of the Divas belt. Too pink and sparkly and stuff. Never should have really started the Divas belt in my opinion, looking back! Um, I kind of missed that match I think. Not sure what happened; probably because it didn’t seem that interesting to me.

Thank the good lord that R-Truth got a new theme song!!!!! Also, DiBiase’s played last night. Odd that I can’t remember his old one already, though I liked it. Eve, if that was a spear, it was the lamest I’ve ever seen. That “romantic” message on the TitanTron was a bit odd….

I love that Wade Barrett just decided to park himself on the announce table. Great stuff. I remember him being pretty good when he started NXT but he’s come really far just in that short time, and I can’t imagine how great he’ll be if he even just keeps this up. Cena’s dropkick again!! He did that last night and it was great. Good for him (I mean that, I’m not being sarcastic). Odds of Cena joining Nexus, anyone? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Ending Nexus is a big deal but it has to happen sometimes, it seems like they’re even sick of the run-ins.

The dark match was DiBiase vs. John Morrison. The crowd was LOUD the whole night. Big pop for Morrison, who hit his amazing finisher and won.

First up was Dolph vs. Kofi. It was a good match; I don’t think it like, really blew me away but it was good. BIG boos for Ziggler. I’m really happy he won though because he won clean and I think he deserves it. (Not that Kofi doesn’t, but he’s had a bit more of a push in the past than Dolph.)

Punk came out and cut a beautiful promo. Of course the crowd was mixed for him, but he started talking about how much he loves Chicago…and then how much of a disgrace all the people who live there now are. He even made a Chicago fire reference, it was spectacular. Big boos after that, of course, but he really did it perfectly. The match wasn’t bad; it seemed like it ended kind of abruptly but it was fine. Gallows and Joey Mercury weren’t there which was kind of interesting, but not wholly surprising.

The Divas match was okay. I don’t know what it is, I’m just not the biggest Melina fan. She’s very athletic, I’m just not sure I like her style in the ring all the time (especially since she came back). Of course LayCool still exists which is a bummer. But the fact that I hate them means they’re good, right?

The US Title match was fun to watch. I am VERY happy for Daniel Bryan, and it’s exciting to me that a “new” guy has a belt.

Undertaker vs. Kane surprised me a bit. It was probably a better match than I had expected (I think I’d forgotten how badass ‘Taker is, somehow) and it was an exciting one. Did not end how I expected it; I really thought ‘Taker would win. I wonder where this will go from here. But man, seeing The Undertaker really never gets old. And he was staggering in pain all the way up that ramp like the star that he is.

The Tag Champ matches were interesting. The idea of the “Tag Team Turmoil” was a good one, I think, but it didn’t make sense to me that the champs started in the ring. I kind of feel like they should have come in last. They were out quick, too, but I don’t mind watching the Usos at all. The rest of the matches turned out pretty good. I think I like McIntyre and Cody Rhodes as a tag team. They draw big heat, too. Evan Bourne hit that wonderful Shooting Star Press and everyone went absolutely crazy.

The Six-Pack Challenge was actually a really good match. I enjoyed that a lot. Jericho IS the best in the world at what he does. It took him several minutes to get out of the ring and up the ramp, with a priceless look on his face the entire time. It was perfect. There was a pretty good Y2J chant as he was leaving, too. I have to say though that all of the guys worked really well in that match. Timing was great and I don’t remember seeing any big botches or anything (all night, really). The match moved along well, too; there wasn’t much dead space. When Nexus came out, I was so caught up in the whole thing that I was actually surprised for a second, haha. Then I was like…oh right, Nexus. They really didn’t interfere a ton though so for some reason it didn’t make me angry. I just want to see those guys start to wrestle more. Anyway, at one point I had a strong glimmer of hope that Barrett would win the title; how amazing would THAT have been?! I do look at him and see the future of WWE, for sure. He did not disappoint in the match. It was really well done.

After the match Orton was posing for a while before the show went off air. Once it did, he stayed in the ring for a second and posed again, but he was smiling and laughing. Obviously the wrestlers are real people and all, but you really don’t get to see this side of Orton a lot. He stayed out for a while, high-fiving fans all the way around the ring, posing for a couple pictures, and talking to fans. It was just cool to see. I like it when they are genuinely excited to win a belt because it is a big deal and a big privilege.

As I was walking out of the building, I almost walk smack dab into Jim Blaze, the owner of POWW Entertainment, haha. What are the odds there? They were handing out fliers for WrestleRage. He said a lot of people were excited about seeing Demolition there.

All in all a very fun night. Like I said, all the matches seemed to go well for the most part, and the crowd was awesome. VERY mixed reaction for Cena, though, which I think they expected and they brought him out second in the match (vs. last as usual; Orton was last).

Del Rio’s promos are getting better even. He is quite hateable.

I really really liked the tag match. All four of them looked great and it went really well.

I feel like I haven’t seen Kofi in a while…not sure why. Great for him to finally cut a promo again, though. The kid is really good at what he does.

This Laycool rift better be permanent!

I expected the Christian/CM Punk match to be good and i wasn’t disappointed.

Not much else to say, I guess. Not bad overall, especially for the last show before a PPV.
You know what though? I find myself not caring much about this Kane/Undertaker thing. I mean, I want to see the match because I think it will be good and all. But what happened at the end of this week’s SmackDown has been happening for weeks in row and I just do not want to see it anymore.

Oh, man. Ochocinco. This can only end in hilarity, he is ridiculous.

Daniel Bryan looked good for the five minutes or so I felt like he got. Miz is good at being a jerk. Thought Alex Riley did fine, though it wasn’t much.

HA. Edge singing and dancing. Good television right there. And it was nice to have Bourne have a match with a big opponent…too bad it was short and kind of lame (not due to poor performances, just no time and all). I pretty much saw Mark Henry (or Khali maybe) coming out as soon as the GM bell rang.

I’m not sure a song and dance competition is the way to get viewers from the football games going on, but ok. DiBiase did amuse me.

Oh, hey, a Falls Count Anywhere match! I’m a fan of those. Also, John Morrison is basically crazy fit. The match was pretty good. Morrison did some insane stuff, that’s for sure. He is fun to watch when they let him go.

Dammit, GM, give Jericho what he wants! The man must not leave!! Though I have to admit, I’m not super hopeful he’ll stay…His words about Vince McMahon were correct though. And I just really cannot stop thinking, every time I watch him cut a promo or wrestle, that he really is one of the best in the business right now. No question in my mind. He and Kidd (mostly) had a good match there. I really like Hart Dynasty as well. It was exciting to watch.

The Trading Places math was actually pretty entertaining as well. Regal has been really funny lately; he rapped on Superstars. I highly recommend that if you can see it (it should be on Hulu soon).

I have to say I actually enjoyed the Orton/Cena match, too. Nexus coming in…whatever. But cool stuff happened after they did. It’s kinda fun to watch the tables break. Sometimes the rubber lining on the edges scares me, though because it doesn’t break and looks like they get tangled up. Also this makes sense for the match to break down the week before a PPV. Which I’m quite excited for! I saw Cena hit the table first, but I didn’t actually catch the RKO the first time. Saw it in the replay though and it looks like it actually was really well done. Orton’s getting super good at hitting that at odd times.

I admit that seeing the Undertaker still makes me as excited as a small child. But man, Punk really can cut a a promo with the best of them.

I like this Swagger/MVP feud, it seems like they work well together.

I heartily hope this stupid unification match breaks up LayCool, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Well, Matt Hardy can still hit a moonsault which is always good to see. I like those a lot. It would be super to learn to do that someday. At first I thought he was totally going to job to del Rio but I’m glad it didn’t end up that way.

Great to see Kaval. That was a really good, well done and fun to watch match he had with McIntyre.

You know, I hope Dolph Ziggler keeps the title at Night of Champions. 1. Title reigns are so short sometimes and 2. He really DOES deserve to have a belt, and winning without interference from Vickie might help people respect him more…except is that really gonna happen?? Anyway.

Wow Kelly Kelly acting like a normal person works well for her.

Punk and Taker had a good match. A bit slow at points but really well done. GTS to the Undertaker!!!! I know Undertaker is supposed to be “irreparably damaged” or whatever but it’s still kind of hard to believe him being so beat up because…he’s the Undertaker. Kane’s laugh is pretty creepy though, good work there!

Justin Gabriel sounded better on the mic tonight, which means they all did a good job with their promos I thought. Man, I am constantly impressed with Barrett though.

Jericho and Morrison had a really great match. I don’t know if he got hit in the face with Starship Pain or what but Jericho’s mouth was bleeding some.

Alicia Fox’s promo was good. She pretty much got her ass kicked but she did it well.

Edge and Ryder together again! haha. That promo actually was really amusing to me. And Ryder adding an extra line to the WWE logo to give the “WWW” in “Woo Woo Woo” is a nice touch as well. But really, Edge is another one who nails it every time and can make me laugh nonstop.

I actually enjoyed the Cena/Justin Gabriel match. They both looked good to me and Gabriel hit a real pretty moonsault.

Interesting that they brought up Tough Enough…they usually kind of dance around that. It was great to see Daniel Bryan out there and for him to have some mic time. Also, when Alex Riley came out I couldn’t tell who it was. It kind of looked like Shane McMahon for a second…haha.

Um…Michael Cole was right, Khali DID eliminate himself that first time. I see how they got away with it but still. Oops.

Jericho can’t leave. I’ve decided.

Darren Young out of nowhere! Barrett and Orton had a good match. And I’m always up for Orton beating people up, it’s fun.

The Divas version of NXT could be interesting. At least, I hope it is. I’ll try to catch some of it but with not having SyFy, we’l have to see what happens.

Sorry for the delay. College football season kind of tends to distract me!

So, Del Rio’s promos are working. I’m sick of him and think he’s an ass, haha. Really though he’s doing a good job with it. I quite enjoy Christian when he’s joking around, though, he can be hilarious. I think Del Rio’s tie was a clip on. That’s not very rich pompous jerk-like.

Man, Ziggler is good. Masters has been kind of MIA lately…not sure about the beard, kind of makes him look like a criminal. Vickie Guerrero looks better every week.

I’m kind of surprised they never said anything about Serena. I mean, I expected at least like, “She was too weak!” or something. Unless this happened and I’m forgetting…Anyway, CM Punk is really good at what he does. Gallows and Big Show looked good in that match, too; I enjoyed it. And that flip thing Punk did to get out of the ring was pretty neat. Wonder if this is the beginning of the end for SES or what. It took Legacy like years and years to actually fully dissolve, so only time will tell.

Ha I love how fake Daddy Swagger takes bumps perfectly.

Oh my god. “Oh, yeah, I see the Lane Bryant tag, that’s Matt Hardy.” That was a well done promo and a good match.

Undertaker is such a badass. This Kane/Taker thing is getting a little strange but it’s cool.