Sorry for the delay. College football season kind of tends to distract me!

So, Del Rio’s promos are working. I’m sick of him and think he’s an ass, haha. Really though he’s doing a good job with it. I quite enjoy Christian when he’s joking around, though, he can be hilarious. I think Del Rio’s tie was a clip on. That’s not very rich pompous jerk-like.

Man, Ziggler is good. Masters has been kind of MIA lately…not sure about the beard, kind of makes him look like a criminal. Vickie Guerrero looks better every week.

I’m kind of surprised they never said anything about Serena. I mean, I expected at least like, “She was too weak!” or something. Unless this happened and I’m forgetting…Anyway, CM Punk is really good at what he does. Gallows and Big Show looked good in that match, too; I enjoyed it. And that flip thing Punk did to get out of the ring was pretty neat. Wonder if this is the beginning of the end for SES or what. It took Legacy like years and years to actually fully dissolve, so only time will tell.

Ha I love how fake Daddy Swagger takes bumps perfectly.

Oh my god. “Oh, yeah, I see the Lane Bryant tag, that’s Matt Hardy.” That was a well done promo and a good match.

Undertaker is such a badass. This Kane/Taker thing is getting a little strange but it’s cool.